A year of pictures -#Dogwood52


I first came across the #Dogwood52 photography challenge via Bob Foyers and Framlingham Camera Club, I’m not a member as their meeting dates clash with something else I do but I am on their circulation list, well worth it for anyone interested.


Landscape - Framlingham Castle small 2 (1).jpg

The basic idea is a list, each week has a theme Portrait, Landscape, Artistic but with some additional details. It is not a competition, the challenge is personal, to try and encourage you to ‘up your game’ photographically. I’m loving it, it has certainly encouraged me to read the books, look at some websites and take photographs I would never have attempted before, and that’s just after one month.  So I thought I would post each month here, along with some of the didn’t make the cut options to remind me of the journey.

Red - Read - Read.jpg

The first picture was a Portrait- Selfie, first time I’ve used the timer on the phone for a selfie. Next a traditional landscape, so I was up photographing the castle in Framlingham at the crack of dawn – first time I’ve processed a picture to this extent, normally a bit of cropping and enhancement suffices, this was much more deliberate. Then came Artistic- Red, I became highly sidetracked by this. My final posting wasn’t as extreme as some of my ideas, so below a collage of some of those that didn’t make it, I’m not convinced I made the right choice. The idea was the play on red and read, focusing on the books.



Next came Portrait – headshot, this meant asking someone if they would let me take a portrait picture. My friend and neighbour Lorette was kind enough to model for me, she is an artist (the lovely Chinese book above is one of hers) and is just completing a new studio workshop, so I shot her there in natural light, it was a grey day and the light was fading fast, but I hope I captured her curiosity.


The latest picture had to be a black and white landscape. I really wanted to catch Maggi Hambling’s Scallop at dawn. I was there but dawn was not forthcoming, on a windswept, heavily overcast morning my choices were limited. In the end I posted the most classic shot, as an international challenge it takes the least explanation. I am quite fond of the one taken from under the Scallop, but unless you know the sculpture it is difficult to explain what is going on. The sculpture is a Marmite, but I love it!

Next month starts with Artistic – Candy… still thinking about that, any thoughts?

Photo challenge1.jpg


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  1. This looks like an interesting challenge and I like your photos, especially Framlingham Castle and the portrait. Thank-you for visiting my blog and for the follow.

    • I wish I had kept up with it, I took more pictures than I postedin. but ran out of steam somehow… I should try and get back to it.

      Perhaps your kind comments will get me going.

      • It is very difficult keeping up with these challenges when our lives are full of other things. I often think I’d like to take part in one but know I’d never be able to continue through to the end.

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