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Illustration Friday – Hatched – #12DCP invite to the dfaolbilts

You ARE beautiful in my eyes Marmite

The topic for illustration Friday this week is ‘hatched’. You will see from some of my other posts that I am also touting for votes so that I can win one of a limited number of special edition jars of marmite, if you are willing please vote for me here; I have not entered this picture separately so the item in the marmite gallery is my adapted avatar.

I am also adding to my list of invitees to my virtual #12DCP; 12 days of Christmas party; the latest addition is my twitter list called dfaolbilts – it stands for ‘don’t fit any other lists but I like their style’. By definition these are bound to be some peoples marmites, love ’em or hate ’em; a mix of comedians, potty mouths, ‘Indians’ (some of who do live in India) people who send fab links or quotes, some bots like the Big Ben clock; basically all sorts of everything. The only thing they have in common is that I rate them highly.

So dear dfaolbilts, if by chance you come here visiting, what will you bring to the party and what song should I add to the playlist to get you up and dancing?

The playlist for this post is here and for those without Spotify the complete listing as it is so far will be in the first comment.

To any illustrators, designers, artists etc I would still love some designs for perfect party rooms.


Something Completely Different – Party Girl tags

The theme for this week’s something completely different is ‘Party Girl’ in the form of tags. Strange how things come together sometimes; first, I’ve let myself get sidetracked by a campaign marmite are running with the lure of one of their limited edition marmites as a reward. I haven’t entered this tag as a separate entry but you can vote for me here. Years ago in Norwich there used to be a clothes shop called ‘Your Granny Wouldn’t Like It’; I quite like the idea of a party where the invite is that your ‘ma might not like it’; everyone knows that you either love or hate marmite. Actually stop there; people may come here who haven’t come across the stuff before. When someone asked me what it was I described it as black goo that you spread on toast. They sent me this link for marmite and road kill sarnies, which made me laugh, as people often assume my foraging includes road kill.

Secondly, I need to invite some more of my twitter lists to my imaginary 12 days of Christmas party [#12DCP]. This time I have added all those on my A-Z list. They are all in the public eye to some extent, but many of them are also on my other lists because the write, cycle, love food or whatever. Most of them are also great twitterers, which makes following them amusing. But how to get the tag to the A-Z listers, now there is a problem. I happened to have been listening to @markglennmurphy on Radio Suffolk when he read out a message from a listener who shared a cat with her neighbour. The cat had arrived at the listeners house today with a tag around its neck saying happy birthday. I also spent part of today at the hairdressers reading that auspicious academic journal ‘OK’ in which Victoria Beckham had two small pigs in her handbag; apparently the latest designer accessory (I won’t comment on the virtue of small pigs as pets other than to say the bacon rashers would be very small and don’t ask me to clean her handbag).

Here is the plan; I will hire a small team of fluffy kittens, little dogs and handbag sized pigs; attach the tags to their collars and put them through my A-Z listers cat flaps. I wonder if anyone of them will come. If you are an A-Z lister (or someone masquerading as one), what would you have me add to the playlist for the #12DCP, a track that will make you get up and boogie; also what little treasure will you bring along to amuse the guests?

Any crafters who are up for a challenge, I would still love some party invitation designs for a virtual 12 Days of Christmas Party.

Your Spotify playlist for this post is here and for non Spotify users I will put the details, as the list currently stands in the first comment to this post.

Who is Friday anyway?

I was going to post a comment on Angela Montague’s, (another blogger) post about Follow Friday, when I realised my comment would ramble on, beyond a polite length for a comment. For non Twitter readers, Follow Friday is a Twitter ‘thing’; on Fridays you post a message containing other users’ names, indicating that you have enjoyed their posts and encouraging others to follow them. Then the more I thought about it, the way you do when you repeat a word over and over, the more it took on other potential meanings.

So the classic Follow Friday – might be follow as in ‘travel behind’, but that seems a little passive, riding in the slip stream, rather than taking an active interest. Of perhaps, ‘go after’; but is that too active? Most twitterers dislike the association with a form of stalking. So how about, ‘come after’; that just seems like the person who turned up late for the party.

Then there’s ‘post date, or be later in time’; like Follow Friday isn’t as good as first out of the blocks Thursday, but is perhaps better than – sorry I’m late I’ll be there in a minute Saturday.

‘Adopt: choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans’ – oouch potential evangelism or cult leadership, or brutal dictatorship; a world of chanting, posters and blind sycophancy.

‘Succeed: be the successor (of)’; so you put someone’s name up and suggest someone else takes their place with immediate effect; it won’t win you many friends.

In the finish there is Robinson Crusoe’s friend to consider, we may all end up doing several laps around that island if we choose to follow Friday.

There are more definitions for follow than I can shake a stick at; if you like a different source for definitions try this

I may keep my Follow Fridays short and sweet in future, this could blow my mind.

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