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Tidying up after the Royal Wedding – found 4 Queens, 1 King, 5 Crowns and a Royal Oak

It has been a real British Bank Holiday Weekend.  A Royal Wedding, broadcast over a huge TV screen to a packed Market Hill in Framlingham, bike riding and a climb of the church tower. All credit to all involved for pulling the whole shebang together both at the London end and locally.  I know it involves a lot of work and many unsung heroes to make such a success.  Bill Bulstrode was in his element and all the crew who did everything from catering to marshalling did a fabulous job; even dealing calmly with the few cars and lorries that decided they absolutely had to drive up the Hill.  The huge screen supplied by was very impressive, they even added local adverts to the coverage.

Cake produced by Kitty's of Framlingham

So stuffed full with hog roast I decided I needed a new cycle route challenge.  A bit of royal tidying up.  I plotted a journey and have remapped it for you as if done from Framlingham (my version was well over the 40 miles).  The journey covers

The Queen’s Head Brandeston, The Victoria at Earl Soham, The Crown at Bedfield, The Crown at Brundish, Queen’s Head at Stradbroke, Royal Oak at Laxfield, The King’s Head at Laxfield (aka the Low House), Dennington Queen, The Crown at Great Glemham, The Crown and Anchor at Framlingham and the Crown Hotel at Framlingham. [by the way if you are a website optimiser designer some of these guys need help!)

Click on the picture below to go to the full route on Map My Ride, there is one short off-road section after the Crown at Bedfield which can be tricky in bad weather, but there is a road alternative if necessary.

To add to the pleasure of the weekend I manage a climb up the tower of Dennington Church, great use for the 360 degree panorama app = Click on the picture below to see the view from the top.

Click picture for 360 panorama


Do fish use tools?

Are there any piscatologists or icthiologists out there who can help me.  I was watching this little fish for ages yesterday.  It was using a piece of grass root or stem to root around in a fold in the pond lining.  I watched for fifteen minutes before I eventually went and fetched the camera.  It repeatedly probed into the same spot with the piece of grass.  Every now and then (1 minute into this clip) it would seem satisfied and do a little glide over the spot fanning its fins.  Then it would go back round and root some more.  Occasionally it would pull the grass out, quite deliberately, swim round in a loop, drop the grass and then pick it up again near the end and start the process again.  Lining the grass up to the hole and then pushing it in, probing into the space once more.

So what’s it all about?  I’d love to know…

It seems from the information I have now that this is a male stickleback nest-building – thanks folks.  There is a wealth of learned articles out there too about feeding, flow rates and other factors that affect this behaviour.

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