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Birds, not custard but something completely different

Each year I send people their Christmas cards back. Basically I cut bits out of the one they sent me the previous year, remount it and send back part of the card they sent me. Some friends are becoming canny and trying to fox me. I am always up for new crafting challenges. One of the Blogs I follow is jaydubblah and through her I have discovered Something Completely Different . Now I am new to this so may not fully understand the rules so I hope no one will take offence at my take on the challenge. Described as an ‘inchie’ and using the theme birds. I have spent most of this weekend hacking back the hedge to our garden and so I have created a mini collage from things found in the garden. The frame is ivy leaf, the sky is pigeon feather, the tree line is cherry leaf and the ploughed fields are ginko leaf. The sun is a gall from the back of an oak leaf the telegraph posts are fennel stems and the birds are individual blackberry pips. If you get your recorder out the notes should play ‘Cuckoo, Cuckoo’ from The Cuckoo Madrigal from my mother’s ‘The New National Song Book’.

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