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Janathon, end of a long stretch out with a smash not a bang

Tonight I played village hall badminton. Whilst others have run miles, my Janathon daily exercise has been much more pick and mix. I really enjoy village badminton; low pressure, some of us have been playing together for over 20 years, great fun and as much social as exercise driven.

From here on my programmes for Dunwich Dynamo and the Great East Swim will keep me on track. I also aim to do #fababs for February ie abs exercises everyday to tighten up the gaps from the detox.

Huge thanks to Cathy White of @jogblog fame for getting us all up and going- who’d have thought it was possible.


Life in the fast lane

Today was a working day for me still 1100m swum before work is a great start to the day. The pool was busy but I ended up sharing the fast lane with fellow Janathoner @quasi_sally, which seems appropriate for the penultimate day.

As a library employee I can’t really comment in this space on the proposed changes. If you would like more information please go to the Suffolk Library pages and view the consultation documents there.

Just deserts?

I’ll admit I’ve short-changed the blog again in the last two days, just uploading stats from my phone doesn’t really count as blogging, sometimes though busy, busy doesn’t allow for more.  However I have done the exercise.

Today I went for a long bike ride.  It was really cold but I decided to cycle to Fram the long way.  I was a bit miffed that the mapmyride on the phone cut out so I have had to log the trip manually.  I hope the problem was caused by the elastic bands I’m now using as seat belts for the phone and that repositioning them will make things better.  The plan was to hit 70 minutes as per my programme.  However I realised I was going to reach Fram too early so added an extra loop.  that last section was killing the windchill factor was horrible and I now have cracked lips to prove it.

Once I reached Fram I treated myself to fruit tea and polenta cake at the Dancing Goat.  Not sure if it was entirely within my detox rules but the closest I could get – just deserts?  I then bought about a stone of fruit and veg at the market so the journey home burnt extra calories.

The Stats

Total 16.27 Miles 13.54 out in 80 mins didn’t time the return journey.

Time taken for feet to thaw out 45 minutes.



Mini post too

1060m swum – longer post tomorrow

Mini post

16.76 km level 10 at high 60s rpm

Day 7 detox, day 26 Janathon

Today I swam 1020 metres, Janathon is nearing it’s close but I still have a way to go to be ready for the Great East Swim and the Dunwich Dynamo – this level of exercise has to be maintained and increased. I’m sleeping a lot, detoxing does that. Tonight was cold, the image above is my sofa blanket; just looks like an endoscopy image.

Getting down and dirty

I guess if I will go out in brand new trainers I should expect trouble.  I blame this book:-

I’m trying to improve my cycling technique and last night read the section on cycling through pot holes.  Carefully raising myself in the seat I went for it, cushioning the jolts on my body perfectly.  However the phone bounced out of its cradle and into the road; I stuck my feet down into deep muddy water and the rest as they say is history.  Tomorrow I will be on he look out for elastic bands to act as seatbelts for the phone.

Never mind – it’s a great time for some look ahead foraging.  The catkins are out; I’m trying to mentally note my future nut stocks.

The Stats:

11.54 miles in 1hr and 3 mins as Moderate ie controlled even effort.  1 mile dog walk as cool down.

Catching up….

Just back from Devon.  We had a lovely stay at the Passage House Hotel, near Newton Abbot in Devon.  We have stayed there before and  have known it since it was just a little pub.  I have to say the staff on this trip were spot on, great service and the upgrade to a room overlooking the river was really welcome.

I visited Hannah’s at Seale Hayne, on a tip-off from @KToogie who has a workshop there.  It is an inspiring and beautiful place.  The art is fantastic and it is a great spot to shop or have coffee as well as strolling around the studio, workshops and grounds.

So now the exercise confessions; there is a pool and gym at the Passage House but the pool is a bit bijou so although I did exercise it was not my normal standard.

Today I have made up for it though: bike 12.21 miles as Easy (session 18).  Swim 1020 metres (session 10), plus badminton tonight.

On the route home we also had the pleasure of going to the Thatched Cottage Inn at Shepton Mallet, a great dining pub. The new owners have no previous experience in the business, but are making a really good job of it. The 17 hour cooked beef looked and smelled fantastic.  Sadly they don’t seem to have a website up and running yet so no link at this stage.

If you are wondering how the detox is faring with the hotel and eating out – jacket potatoes and risotto have featured heavily.  But I have managed to keep it up without wavering.  The headache has gone; but I have had four solid days of back ache, this happened last time so I think it is my kidneys complaining about the change.  It will pass, so I will keep going.

Postless post

Carbound all day – a few abs crunches doesn’t really cut it does it? Will play hard tomorrow to make up.

Uber quick post

Uber quick post. Swam in circles, biked 20 mins hard. To be followed with explanations later.

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