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Who is Friday anyway?

I was going to post a comment on Angela Montague’s, (another blogger) post about Follow Friday, when I realised my comment would ramble on, beyond a polite length for a comment. For non Twitter readers, Follow Friday is a Twitter ‘thing’; on Fridays you post a message containing other users’ names, indicating that you have enjoyed their posts and encouraging others to follow them. Then the more I thought about it, the way you do when you repeat a word over and over, the more it took on other potential meanings.

So the classic Follow Friday – might be follow as in ‘travel behind’, but that seems a little passive, riding in the slip stream, rather than taking an active interest. Of perhaps, ‘go after’; but is that too active? Most twitterers dislike the association with a form of stalking. So how about, ‘come after’; that just seems like the person who turned up late for the party.

Then there’s ‘post date, or be later in time’; like Follow Friday isn’t as good as first out of the blocks Thursday, but is perhaps better than – sorry I’m late I’ll be there in a minute Saturday.

‘Adopt: choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans’ – oouch potential evangelism or cult leadership, or brutal dictatorship; a world of chanting, posters and blind sycophancy.

‘Succeed: be the successor (of)’; so you put someone’s name up and suggest someone else takes their place with immediate effect; it won’t win you many friends.

In the finish there is Robinson Crusoe’s friend to consider, we may all end up doing several laps around that island if we choose to follow Friday.

There are more definitions for follow than I can shake a stick at; if you like a different source for definitions try this

I may keep my Follow Fridays short and sweet in future, this could blow my mind.

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