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Day 6 – oeufff!

Tis the sixth day and I’m abandoning the matchbox and asking for help!  I’m offering the Minions as a bribe.. they look a little it like eggs.

I need a recipe, for a foolproof (I have to make it) starter for eight people. Something that can be made in advance and served at someone else’s house. The main course is going to be beef so not too meat orientated would be good and needs to be something that can be made with ingredients from the local shop ie good butchers, deli and a fairly standard co-op.

The challenge is on…


Day 5 – Olympics or bust!


Day 5 of the 12 days of Christmas, I have attempted days 3 and 4, keeping things down to the size of the match box tray is quite challenging. At first I wanted to make a star of gratitude but as beautiful as they looked, it was just too difficult to create with a small pice of paper; I settled for a Christmas tree instead, not terribly happy with this as its a bit too simple.

My short story is:….

They started out as flares, bell bottoms, pale blue denim. I set about them with scissors, inserting dark purple triangles to create the perfect 28″ loon pant.

The I succumbed to tartan inserts and a shorter leg to match my Bay City crushes.

Now though they are cut off above the knee, frayed and creating quite a stir!


So for Day 5 something to ponder… what event do you think is sorely missing from the Olympic Games?  Not a trick question, I’m interested in what you’d like to see there.



Days 3 and 4


Sorry for the delay – I was in the library, working. Today two challenges: – for both you will need to cut paper to fit the base of the tray of your matchbox. For day 3, a little origami, can you create an origami model using your paper (you may cut it to a square if that helps, my first effort has proved far to ambitious, so I’m trying again). The second it to write a very short story, you may use both sides of the page, but no more. Usual rules, post on your own page and say done either over on Facebook or here.  The playlist, again collaborative is here – had to include Paperback Writer to celebrate the inclusion of the Beatles on Spotify.

The Second Day of Christmas

Boxing day traditionally is the day for quizzes. For today’s challenge, you will need to cut a piece of paper to fit inside the tray of your matchbox, this is your answer sheet.  Your music to listen to whilst solving the problems is HERE, again it is collaborative so feel free to add more tunes.
Here are your questions – on your answer sheet just write the question number and the answer…

  1. Why is there no aspirin in the jungle?
  2. Five children, Daisy, Sally, Amanda, Claire and Bernice go for a walk – what order do they leave in?
  3. What do you say to a clown who holds open a door for you?
  4. Why aren’t koalas actual bears?
  5. …… now you provide me with your best pun question here…

Just photograph and post your solution on your own blog/twitter/Facebook etc, write ‘Done’ in the comments here and provide a link.  

Have a great Boxing Day – see you tomorrow for day 3…

The First Day of Christmas


Merry Christmas!  Well, how was Christmas day for you? Hopefully you have equipped yourself with a large box of matches for this year’s 12 days of Christmas challenge and by now you are probably realising you need to wake up your brain to shake off those post prandial blues.  So if you are ready click play for some suitable music on Spotify, the list is collaborative so please add other tracks that will help you with today’s challenge.  All you have to do is arrange your matches as above, can you move just three matches to create four triangles?

If you can solve the problem, photograph your solution and post it on your own blog/Instagram/Twitter/facebook and add a comment below saying ‘done’ with the link.

There will be a new challenge tomorrow, not necessarily matchstick related but you will need your matchbox.

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