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Wingfield Barns and a potential tweet up – #bowandarrowtweetup

Wow – great bike ride. Thanks to @spudballoo for being the catalyst, we went on a cold but sunny bike ride. After miles of empty countryside; what we locally call ‘Bow and Arrow’ country, we reached Wingfield Barns. One of those wonderful rural miracles, a proper arts centre in the middle of nowhere. The great thing is, I thought it would be closed (off season and no exhibitions on). A lady [Lesley] appeared and said ‘well look at you fit people’. We asked if anywhere was open and she replied, ‘well no, but I’ll open it for you – would you like a cup of tea’. With that we had a private viewing and perfect tea.

Wingfield will have to be a profit making concern from the 1st April, no longer under funding from arts or local council grants. It has gained some interesting patrons eg Phil Jupitus but still will need lots of support from locals. Thus a plan was hatched – how about a tweetup; they are showing The Social Network on 25th May – just book direct and we will see who appears, quite a few of the local twitterati have already said they will go.. will you too? [If you are going, post a comment here so others know it’s real!!] there is a host of other interesting stuff on their programme, take a look Rory for one!

The map of our journey – sorry Spud turns out is was 26.58 miles in the finish the map is here

The taming of the (mu)shrew(oom)

Time for a few confessions. A lovely person called Mr Truffle recently ran a creative writing competition; create a piece of writing about ‘how to buy truffles’.  I entered with a piece heavy on double entendre and won!  You can read my entry on Mr Truffle’s pages here, sadly I posted it before I finished editing so there are a few glitches in the last couple of paragraphs – but hey I won and am now the proud owner of 20g of truffles.  But what to do with them…. watch this space.

Second confession – my interest in this topic is not a new one.  Ever since I read, Taming the Truffle  – the history, lore, and science of the Ultimate Mushroom by Ian R Hall et al, I have wanted to plant my own truffiere; who knows, one day, maybe.


Warning – Illustration Friday

Based on Jenny Joseph's poem - Warning

The topic for this week’s Illustration Friday is ‘Warning’. I didn’t even stop to look for other poems – there could only be one; beloved of women of a ‘certain age’.  Warning by Jenny Joseph, encourages misbehaviour and I will always say we have no money for butter. Sadly there is no Red Hat Chapter in Suffolk – perhaps we should start one……

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