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Wingfield Barns and a potential tweet up – #bowandarrowtweetup

Wow – great bike ride. Thanks to @spudballoo for being the catalyst, we went on a cold but sunny bike ride. After miles of empty countryside; what we locally call ‘Bow and Arrow’ country, we reached Wingfield Barns. One of those wonderful rural miracles, a proper arts centre in the middle of nowhere. The great thing is, I thought it would be closed (off season and no exhibitions on). A lady [Lesley] appeared and said ‘well look at you fit people’. We asked if anywhere was open and she replied, ‘well no, but I’ll open it for you – would you like a cup of tea’. With that we had a private viewing and perfect tea.

Wingfield will have to be a profit making concern from the 1st April, no longer under funding from arts or local council grants. It has gained some interesting patrons eg Phil Jupitus but still will need lots of support from locals. Thus a plan was hatched – how about a tweetup; they are showing The Social Network on 25th May – just book direct and we will see who appears, quite a few of the local twitterati have already said they will go.. will you too? [If you are going, post a comment here so others know it’s real!!] there is a host of other interesting stuff on their programme, take a look Rory for one!

The map of our journey – sorry Spud turns out is was 26.58 miles in the finish the map is here


Spent – Over the Rainbow – Illustration Friday

The topic for Illustration Friday last week was ‘Spent’, I was away so have only just completed the IF. The little figures are cut outs from copies of English ten and twenty pound notes. Don’t worry no money was harmed in the making of this picture. I had in mind the spent athlete at the end of a long run, but also that we as a nation and others seem to be spent at the moment; chasing for the pot of gold at the end of the mythical rainbow has left nothing in our reserves. So like athletes are we exhausted yet exhilarated, or will this be our last marathon?

The picture also links to a Twitter discussion about mnemonics and how people remember the colours of the rainbow. I learnt “Richard of York Gained Battles in Vain” and never questioned that there were other versions. It seems many learned that Richard ‘gave battle’.  Others learnt the ‘I can sing a rainbow song’; this is a worry as it has pink and no indigo.  Top marks go to John Peel via @martincampbell2: who apparently learnt “Virgin in bed get your organ ready”.

Click on the map below to go to the version with detailed tags

And HERE is a Spotify playlist to go with this post, including the dreaded rainbow song, guaranteed to help you unlearn the colours of the rainbow.

Rescue Me

Illustration Friday - Rescue

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is ‘Rescue’.  If you have Spotify this playlist goes with this post.

The first time I came across rescue remedy was in the recovery of a bird that had smashed itself into a window.  A friend, who is a vet and uses homeopathic remedies in his practice, was staying at the house.  He dropped some rescue remedy into the bird’s mouth and set it on its way again.  Now, I know birds do stun themselves and recover and this could never be described as a double-blind trial but it was suitably impressive.

In the world of Twitter, when there are ‘too many Tweets’ an image appears of a whale, fondly known as the #failwhale, being raised by little birds.  If Twitter is nearly dead there may be no image at all.  Perhaps there should be one to show that twitter is down, but being rescued.

There are reports that use of the internet, Twitter, et al are linked to depression; but is it cause or effect?  I wonder if anyone has studied the ‘group hug’ effect of media like Twitter, when you are having a bad day and someone sends you a picture, poem, music track, some wise or kick-up-the-pants words; do they help?  I hope they do, I like receiving them and am prone to offering them to other people.

In the meantime I hope the bird above makes a full recovery.

This poem may make you smile The Parrot:  A True Story.  I found it in my mother’s old school poetry book.  I wonder if it inspired the Monty Python team.

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