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Great East Swim – W is for Water Aid – Help!

W for something completely different challenge - please support me raising funds for wateraid

The theme is W on ‘Something Completely Different;’ any shape or size but must be based on a ‘W’ [Spotify playlist here].  I have chosen to create a bookmark,  I seem to have a dozen books on the go at any time.  The idea behind this image is the bottom of the pool when I am swimming.  Last night the sun was bright and low in the sky, there were fantastic golden patterns from the ripples on the surface.  I swim in goggles, as I look ahead the lines of the tiles are clean and clear, but lower in my field of vision, the lines are distorted; the aim is to create a stream of bubbles so that as I turn my head to breathe my body takes in air almost without thinking.

In January when I started my preparation for the Great East Swim, I could not do crawl and had to count to three to remind myself when to breathe.  I also didn’t have my face in the water much.  Now I swim with my face in the water most of the time, and as I learn to relax can take in the patterns, random tile distributions and sounds.  Finally, I can stop counting to three, but have become obsessed with counting the number of strokes to a length.  Still far to many, I am hitting about 18 in a 20 metre pool; I can get down to 11 or less in breast stroke.

I am working my way through the training schedule on the website Take to The Streets.  Today, I completed session 26 a total of 940 metres.  Since starting and logging my walking, cycling and swimming miles I have done 200 miles under my own steam.  I have kept off the weight I lost earlier in the year despite now eating what I was eating before, drinking wine, eating cheese and other lovely things.  I suspect I do self moderate my diet more than I did before though.  I still haven’t launched my self like a great cargo ship into the sea, but I will have to soon.  If you live near Framlingham and know anywhere where I can swim in open fresh water I would be delighted to hear from you.

So now for the plea for help.  I have decided that my charity will be Water Aid; if you are not already familiar with their work take a look.  So many people in the world do not have access to safe, clean, water and sanitation; this is my attempt to show my gratitude for what we have and to put a little back.

I have created a Just Giving Page please visit and donate, it is a very worthwhile cause.

Thank you


Not all women are Angels

Better late than never, I have put together my Gothic arch for Something Completely Different.  I wasn’t sure how to approach this one; but had been struck by some of he images of women in the Sunday magazines.  From the little girl being made up for a pageant, to the image of ‘The Lady’ from The Lady magazine, then there is Jane Mansfield in a pool of dolls in her likeness.  Finally the rather pure angel from a Hans Christian Anderson story I was researching for the quiz at Saxtead tomorrow night.  However, in the end I decided to cover this last image in graffiti.

Fashion – Gothic OK

The challenge for something completely different this week is fashion and they are still working with Gothic arches.  I started to thing about those church windows with their stained glass and the ladies who in days of yore might have looked up at the fashions on display. I have created a mediaeval OK magazine fashion makeover.  The two designs are from ‘English Costume’ 1952.  The ‘before’ shot is a pre-Roman woman of the people; wearing a simple gown of coarse material fur skin pinned on right shoulder.  The ‘after’ shot is a Lady of Quality’ c1130.  I copied the outlines onto acetate and then filled in with nail varnish; then stuck my painted Gothic arch over the top.

Rapunzel’s New Year – See The Trods?

Over at Something Completely Different this week they have set the theme of Gothic Arches and the topic of New Year.

In the past I have been tried to use ‘found’ objects in some of these challenges but at the moment everything is covered in snow and this is not possible.

I have worked with the illustration I used for Illustration Friday, yesterday and added to it with some of the essentials that Rapunzel might need in the New Year.  The two graphs relate to temperature and snow depth on New Years Day.  She will need her wellies and Cheryl Cole Bobble hat to make her way through the snow with her Prince.  The astrological clock may or may not help her with the timing  of her getaway. She will of course have to French braid her hair for the Prince to climb in to rescue her.  As he is tall he might be able to reach the escape ladder.  The picture of Rapunzel is apparently one of the early sketches for the Disney cartoon.

As long as the elephants are confined to bed, with their contagious trods all should be OK.

Something Completely Different – Butterfly tags

No time to write other than to say this is the SCD challenge post for this week. Tags and butterfly.

Something Completely Different – Party Girl tags

The theme for this week’s something completely different is ‘Party Girl’ in the form of tags. Strange how things come together sometimes; first, I’ve let myself get sidetracked by a campaign marmite are running with the lure of one of their limited edition marmites as a reward. I haven’t entered this tag as a separate entry but you can vote for me here. Years ago in Norwich there used to be a clothes shop called ‘Your Granny Wouldn’t Like It’; I quite like the idea of a party where the invite is that your ‘ma might not like it’; everyone knows that you either love or hate marmite. Actually stop there; people may come here who haven’t come across the stuff before. When someone asked me what it was I described it as black goo that you spread on toast. They sent me this link for marmite and road kill sarnies, which made me laugh, as people often assume my foraging includes road kill.

Secondly, I need to invite some more of my twitter lists to my imaginary 12 days of Christmas party [#12DCP]. This time I have added all those on my A-Z list. They are all in the public eye to some extent, but many of them are also on my other lists because the write, cycle, love food or whatever. Most of them are also great twitterers, which makes following them amusing. But how to get the tag to the A-Z listers, now there is a problem. I happened to have been listening to @markglennmurphy on Radio Suffolk when he read out a message from a listener who shared a cat with her neighbour. The cat had arrived at the listeners house today with a tag around its neck saying happy birthday. I also spent part of today at the hairdressers reading that auspicious academic journal ‘OK’ in which Victoria Beckham had two small pigs in her handbag; apparently the latest designer accessory (I won’t comment on the virtue of small pigs as pets other than to say the bacon rashers would be very small and don’t ask me to clean her handbag).

Here is the plan; I will hire a small team of fluffy kittens, little dogs and handbag sized pigs; attach the tags to their collars and put them through my A-Z listers cat flaps. I wonder if anyone of them will come. If you are an A-Z lister (or someone masquerading as one), what would you have me add to the playlist for the #12DCP, a track that will make you get up and boogie; also what little treasure will you bring along to amuse the guests?

Any crafters who are up for a challenge, I would still love some party invitation designs for a virtual 12 Days of Christmas Party.

Your Spotify playlist for this post is here and for non Spotify users I will put the details, as the list currently stands in the first comment to this post.

SCD – Marilyn Monroe – tags & invitations

The challenge for Something Completely Different this week is Marilyn Monroe and tags. My entry is above, anything but seasonal but then I’m always inclined to take the ‘different’ part of the challenge seriously.

For those who like details, the original colour picture was manipulated through my PC and then overlayed with text, finally I applied my reddest lipstick and kissed an acetate (and I liked it) and then rescanned the image.  I chose the black and white image of roses because I was making the tag all I could think of was the ‘Goodbye English (or is it England’s) Rose’ version of candle in the wind.

In return though a challenge for the happy crafters who come here from SCD. If you look at some of my other posts with the #12DCP tag you will see I am planning a party for the 12 days of Christmas. Would you like to come up with an invite and leave a link in the comments section below?

Spotify playlist to accompany this post here.

Red, Green and Snowmen – Something Completely Different

Over on something completely different – the challenge this week is red, green and snowmen. This really was a challenge, only one snowman card left unmade and it was ‘political’. I decided the only thing to do was take things down a slightly surreal direction. The background, a collage inspired by the works of John Brunsdon yet with a sun that looks like it has crept out of the Telly Tubbies and the snowman from the original card from a friend. I give people back part of the card they gave me the year before and donate to charity; this year’s charity is wateraid.

Click here for a Spotify playlist to go with this climate warming theme.

Something Completely Different – Blue, White and Snowflakes

Over on something completely different – the challenge this week is Blue, White and Snowflakes. As I have mentioned before I give people back part of the card they gave me the year before and donate to charity. This year’s charity is wateraid. Thank you to my brother and his family, because their’s was the only card with white and snowflakes on it, I used a baby blue card back, not something I would normally think of for Christmas and some wool from my Ispeak Melsh giveaway prize – thanks Mel.

The Big Squat – Pink Christmas Trees – Something Completely Different

Over on something completely different – the challenge this week is pink with a Christmas tree. As I mentioned before I give people back part of the card they gave me the year before and donate to charity. This year’s charity is water aid and they are currently promoting World Toilet Day; part of which is the Big Squat. Only one card had a Pink Christmas Tree on it, so I added a few more using my 1960’s cookie cutter set Christmas tree as a template. The pink sparkly tree is from the original card; so Sue if you are reading this you’ll know what’s coming to you.

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