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There is a new craze doing the rounds of Twitter; daily papers created from the links people tweet to your account.  You create the paper at a site called  At first I wasn’t very inspired by the concept, but then I received a link to Nick Shore’s Suffolk paper and quite liked the idea.  So turn on your Spotify, turn up the sounds on the playlist and sit down to my version of the Sundailies.  The Sundailies are all the Sunday supplements in one place, updated daily.  For me an easy was to summarise hat has been going on in my bit of the Twitterverse whilst my back has been turned.  As these are links they will update each day.

First the Vivia daily – the top news stories across the whole of my timeline today

Then local news in the Suffolk Daily – I hold great hope that one day Felixstowe Port will tweet ”

QUINQUIREME of Nineveh from distant Ophir,
Rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine,
With a cargo of ivory,
And apes and peacocks,
Sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweet white wine


A little sports news from the Swimmy-types and the Cyclists

Then on to lighter topics The clebs are all in the-A-Z-list section

A bit from the arty-crafty and foodie types

News from abroad in the Italy section and then the mostly-green-gardens

For the moment I can not create; news-sport-tech, maps-and-that, writerly or news from the librarians as the limit is 10 papers, but I will as soon as the limit is increased.

In the meantime I leave you with the dfaolbilts section – it is likely to be quite random -dfaolbilts stands for “don’t fit any other lists but I like their style”- enjoy



The Eleventh Day of Christmas – a museum piece who needs a soldering iron

We have pipers piping. Now when I think of pipes, I don’t think of plumbing but that little game of pipes I used to play; but now I can’t remember if it was on the PC or a gameboy or what. I do like games, as you may have guessed by now; not the shoot ’em up kind, but strategy games of the kind where you have to test ideas. My current predilection is a little game called launchball from the Science Museum for the iphone. What is scary is that I might not be hooked if it wasn’t for some early influences. Number 1 was my parents insisting I had typing lessons when I was eleven – this is back in the day when a typewriter had inky ribbon and if you hit the keys too quickly or hard they jammed and if you didn’t hit them hard enough nothing happened. Number 2 was doing ‘computer’ classes at school. For younger viewers, this meant punching cards that were sent to Bristol University and 10 days later came back telling you the square root of 12 (but only if you had punched the right bits of the card). If that doesn’t leave me feeling like a museum piece then my visit to the Wilkins Jam Factory at Tiptree earlier in the week with its museum certainly has done. We were provided with those slide rules they have in their museum cases as standard issue, along with log books. I guess I was just born too early but lucky enough to have people equip me not to be frightened of technology and a natural addiction to games. So, whilst I get my soldering iron out to try and fix the pipes I give you this present if you have never met it before a little game called Samorost2, sadly you only get the first bit free but I found it has entertained many a visiting child and foreign exchange student as no language is required, just a willingness to keep trying.

My quest from you though is what is your favourite game on whatever platform you choose?

As to the legs quest we are now up to 726 legs delivered.

The Spotify Playlist for today’s post is here and the list in words is in the first comment.

Round 1 of the Pub Quiz – IT in which………….

I did say the round titles might not help. Round 1 is IT in which all of the answers contain the letters IT in that order. Please put your answers as a comment; I will let you know how many you have right full answers will be posted after the second round.


An 1842 book by Edgar Alan Poe, in 1961 it became a film with Vincent Price and features a giant pendulum


A technique used in macramé, pigtails, braiding, corn dolly making and stringing onions or garlic


a style of printing type patterned on a Renaissance script with the letters slanting to the right


Yes Minister and Only Fools and Horses are examples of this type of comedy


This gland is at the base of the brain, about the size of a pea and weighs approximately 0.5g


The soft spongy substance in the centre of the stems of many plants and trees


a brand of smokeless fuel invented by Thomas Parker in 1904


a form of iron oxide that is usually a silver grey or black/steel colour. Its metallic appearance is brought bout when the material is polished, if it were to be ground or cut up it would look red or red brown. If heated it can become mildly magnetic


The government recommend that you have five of these a day


a process for calculating a desired result by means of a repeated cycle of operations

Good luck, remember post your answers as a comment and I will publish as a group. Deadline for completed answers is tomorrow evening at 10.30pm

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