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J2O Quiz the Tangled Threads – Film Quiz

This is the second post on the new style J2O pub quiz.  As well as the Mangled Mugs in the previous post they are doing something called Tangled Threads.  The plots and key players of three films mixed together; you just have to see if you can untangle them.

I have converted the clips into a single ‘video’ so just click below and pause as you get to the end of each section; to give yourself time to scratch your head or argue with yourself about the answers.


J2O and a new style of Pub Quiz

A lady called Pippa contacted me from a company who are working with J2O, the fruity juice drink people; creating a new kind of pub quiz.  I’ll admit the flattery worked (nice words about the blog and bribery with free drinks and a quiz book).  She has sent me some samples of the quiz to share.  Earlier today I posted my effort at picture merging for the local quiz.  Above and below are the J2O high-tech versions that they call mangled mugs.  So what to you think?  Low-tech or High-tech?  Can you solve them?

I’ll post J2O’s ‘Tangled Threads’ in a future blog.

Quick Picture Quiz – a taste of things to come

A quick picture quiz for you; from one of the quizzes that were set when the PC was out of action.  I may load some of the questions over the coming weeks.  There will also be some news of a quiz format being tested by the people who make J2O but more of that later.

In the meantime I trashed a Sunday magazine, who are these people?  Picture quiz PDF download

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