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Squeezing hips for a place on the fourth plinth


I have received an award; specifically a Kreativ blogger award. It comes with some ‘rules’ and I will attempt to follow them.

  1. Thank the person who gave the award to you – Thank you to….@easternsparkle aka Random Ramblings. I am faltered, sorry make that flattered
  2. Copy the logo and post it on your blog. Done, above, quite a pretty little thing; though I’m not sure about the spelling.
  3. Link the person who nominated you – see 1 above.
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know
    1. I like squeezing hips. Not ball and socket femur joints, but rosehips once they have reached a perfect point of ripeness. If you are lucky a rich fruity paste emerges like squeezing toothpaste from a tube. The trick is to stop before any of the itching hairs or seeds come out; it is a luscious little hedgeside treat.
    2. I have far too many Spike Milligan books and a head full of his rhymes.
    3. I love bonfires but am no good at all with fireworks.
    4. I can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
    5. I have a fascination with and would love to visit, Japan.
    6. I taught myself the Greek alphabet and it is no help to me apart from in pub quizzes.
    7. I had only heard of blog awards, blog candy and such like in the last few days. I normally refuse to take part in pyramids, chains and other such activities but flattery can get you everywhere as they say. I will have to trust my instinct in passing the award on, that those I pass it to will either wish to participate or will decline gracefully or come up with another crafty plan. See below.

  5. Nominate 7 bloggers for the award, post links to their blogs and leave a comment to tell them they have been nominated. I am assuming you cannot nominate someone who has already received one but from there on in I have a problem. Most of the blogs I follow are the ‘what I grow, gather, cook, paint, cycle, write’ type of blogs and not the ‘This is me, telling you about me’ type of blogs. So I have decided that from here the Kreativ Blog will be represented by a fourth plinth. There are 7 places available, if you would like to put yourself forward please submit a comment and I will put you forward to the Plinth committee.

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