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Don’t tell the children – fontcapture– invite to writers to join the #12DCP

I was looking for a way to add the people on my ‘writerly’ list to the twelve days of Christmas Party and struggling with what picture to use, in the past I’ve used wordles and was tempted to do the same again but then came information about fontcapture. This clever little website lets you scan your handwriting via a grid system and then provides you with a downloadable file to add to your windows fonts. Ironically to add it to my blog I’ve now had to paste the font back into a picture to include in this post.

So, don’t tell the children; if this had been available ‘n’ years ago I could have avoided hours on Boxing Day handwriting my thank-you notes for the hankies, bath cubes and bubbles.

To all those on my ‘writerly’ list in twitter you are cordially invited to join my 12 days of Christmas party. Starting on Christmas day there will be a post a day, hopefully with something to amuse, distract or entertain; I wonder what stories you will tell.

For now please could you add to the playlist for the party which can be found on spotify; something to make you jiggle. Also, some opening lines, starters for ten to get the conversation flowing or if closing pieces are more up your strada how about the perfect line for leaving a twelve day long party.

The playlist for this post can be found on spotify here the list in words can be found in the first comment that follows.

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