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Bacon-and-eggs on the other hand

Over recent weeks on twitter I have been posting a flower of the day, almost every day there is a new flower to show. Today it was the turn of ‘Bacon-and-eggs’.  The egg yolk yellow flower is preceded by a bacon coloured closed bud, it is a member of the pea family and has numerous local names in different parts of the country.  I decided to go back and take a macro shot to show the detail a bit better.  Not a great photo and yet again I was caught, backside up in the air, whilst crawling around in the grass.  The sights of countryside also include single gloves; I think they are dropped by bin men (sorry, refuse collection officers and technicians) and others.  I feel sorry for the gloves, separated from their partners for life. I have however discovered the website The Glove Shop, which pairs up odd gloves and resells them.  Perhaps the streets are paved with gold after all.   Thinking about the gloves also made me think about the book The Other Hand by Chris Cleave, I can’t tell you what it’s about but I found it a very good read. Just when you think you have understood what is going on the story takes another turn.  A spotify playlist to go with this post is here.


Bzz Agent

For those with Spotify – Here is a link to accompany this blog post.

It feels like a very long time ago that I signed up to be a Bzz Agent. The basic idea; you get free samples, vouchers etc for products. As you try the products you talk to people about them (good or bad) and then log the fact that you had a conversation on the Bzz Agent site ~ you always make people aware that you are a Bzz Agent. The more reports you complete, to their expected standard, the higher a level you attain and the better and earlier the campaigns you are offered. Months after I first registered I had some dried fruits, later a razor and then there has been nothing for months until today. Today I received information about Shell ‘V’. I don’t have a performance car so not the sort of thing I would normally think about. I live 11 miles from the nearest Shell station so it is not likely to be my first choice under normal circumstances. I tend to ride my bike more often than I drive, but when I do drive it is long distances. Today I happened to be near a Shell station and so I fuelled up. Watch this space I’ll let you know if my life has been revolutionised.

The whole Bzz Agent thing always reminds me of a book I read called ‘Soft’ – If you like thrillers, where the interface between marketing and science can go bad, this could be the book for you; I still have a warped sense of the power of orange as a colour and an aversion to orange fizzy drinks as a result of reading Rupert Thomson’s book.

For those who have not met it before, the shell in the picture above is ‘Scallop’ by Maggi Hambling, it has a Marmite effect, people either love it or hate it.

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