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#12DCP – 12 Days of Christmas Party – You are Invited!

I thought it was about time to send out the invitations to the 12 Days of Christmas Party.  Like last year, everyone is invited to my virtual party; starting on Christmas day and carrying on for 12 days.  There will be a post a day with different ‘things’ going on – I promise no legs this time (honest!)  The tag for the posts will be #12DCP.  Above is your invitation; which fits nicely with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of ‘Mail’.  So pop back, see what’s going on, join in and for every entry you make that is published your name will go into the hat for a money can’t buy prize.

For now I think it is time to start putting up the trimmings and choosing some music – so what tracks would you like added to the playlist, what will be guaranteed to have you up on the dance floor bopping your heart out?  You can find the playlist here

Midsummer Maahes – You are invited to a party

I am in party mood again.  Were you here for the last one, at Christmas, can it really have been six months ago?  It is all @SamirBharadwaj ‘s fault, he planted a little seed in my head.

This time I thought we could have a midsummer party.  A blog post a day, culminating in a ‘virtual’ party on Saturday. I will do the first proper post later today, but in the meantime… what food will you bring and what will you wear?

I thought I would make some macaroons and fill them with elderflower scented cream, I haven’t invented the recipe yet but @DrTimKinnaird thought it could work, so I’m just trying to work out how.  As it is midsummer I thought I would wear this dress…..

How about you.  If you have a blog, Posterous or other place to post things please do and add a link here. Or otherwise just describe your responses in the comments to the posts.  If you need the script for posting links you may find this helpful:  Just cut and paste and replace your blog address between the quotation marks

This is my link <a href=””>here</a&gt;

There is a collaborative playlist for you to add to, if you have access to spotify here

The Paisley Stoater

Illustration Friday - Stoater

Over at Illustration Friday the topic of the week it ‘Paisley’.  Regular readers will know I am fond of poetry and Paisley being in the heartland of the great Scottish bairds I thought I would find some worthy ancient verse to share. However, in my travels I found a gorgeous poem called ‘She’s Just a Stoater’ by Peter Thomson.

I have clad her in a tartan skirt; if only it was longer it might prevent her from getting erythema ab igne, a condition I used to see a lot years ago.  I picture her sitting one side of the fire while her old man sits the other side. She has developed erythema ab igne (Granny’s tartan) on her right leg, the smoking won’t have helped her circulation.  He probably has a tartan leg on the left.  I presume she pawned the ring, but she wouldn’t have received much cash for it as it was not pure enough gold, hence turning her finger green.  Still, she probably bought some coal and fags with the proceeds.  I have to admit I have no idea what a “HAWN’-N-CAN” is, in the poem; I’ve assumed it is a handle-less bucket that she is off outside to fill with more coal.

One thing I do know, he loves her; after all she’s a stoater.  I think this calls for music – Link to Spotify playlist here

Subterranean – Illustration Friday – By George what a fungi

Illustration Friday - Subterranean

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is ‘Subterranean’.  First, if you have Spotify please join me in the playlist to run alongside this post.  For those without Spotify the playlist in words is the first comment.

Every day I walk my dog down the lane where I live, I normally tweet about the weather, I believe I have become some people’s alarm clock.  Being a Jack Russell there is nothing the dog likes more than a good rabbit hole for a bit of a dig. At least I assume they are rabbit holes, I’ve read and seen Alice in Wonderland; who knows what mysteries lie beneath the soil?

My friend @goodshoeday asked me today which seasonal treat I was looking forward to most.   One of the treats for me is the arrival of the St George’s mushroom.  This arrives on St George’s day; but will it this year, with everything so late?

Google streetview has arrived in this distant outpost, do not be concerned by the three-legged lady though.  Gosia of the Over The Moon coffee stall, market square, Framlingham, spotted the triped first and it currently has front page billing at nearthecoast.

It’s all in the picture somewhere.

Brave or Foolish? Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday - Brave

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is ‘Brave’.

I was trying to find brave last words, when I came across the story of  Catherine Howard.  She was the fifth of those unfortunate souls who married Henry VIII and ended up loosing her head.  According to this account her last words, spoken on 13th February 1542 were “I die a queen, but would rather die the wife of Culpepper”. At the age of 18, pretty, uneducated and neglected; she was pursued by the besotted and by then fat, ugly King, who called her his ‘Rose without a thorn”. When he discovered her adulterous behaviour her lovers were executed and as she waited her fate she requested a block so that she could practice her execution.

Was she brave or was she foolish?

If you have spotify click here for a list of tracks to go with the post.  The playlist in words is in the first comment to this post.

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