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The Dalmatian Post – 101, Pylons and The Changes

Picture of Pylons snowy Suffolk Landscape, memory of the Changes TV programmes

When I realised that this was going to be post 101; my mind had an image of cute little black and white puppies frolicking in the snow. I decided to look at my recent photographs, aware that I have commented on the greyscale or monotone appearance of the vista on recent mornings.  Then I came across the image above; not very cute and puppy like, it digs deep into my psyche.

On the one hand deep wonder, seeing ‘perspective’; the pylons ever decreasing in apparent size as they disappear into the flatness of the landscape.  There is also a consciousness that many people dislike the thought of ugly pylons marring their view. Far worse than this; the memory of a TV series from the 1970’s, the tune, the image of the Severn Bridge and the pylons spelling terror.  Even now I can’t remember what the ending was; perhaps finally I should be brave enough to try the books or see if the programmes are repeated anywhere.

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