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Perspective – Rubbish, it depends on how you look at it

Illustration Friday, collage, rubbish

The topic for this week’s Illustration Friday is perspective.  I was struck at all sorts of levels by a programme involving Kevin McCloud for Chanel 4 called ‘slumming it‘.  In this programme he visited families living in the Dharavi, Mumbai who were invovled in the picking of litter from the dumps and the sorting of waste for recycling. One particular comment struck me, something along the lines of ‘no one in the UK would expect to do this’.  I can not begin to go into the rights or wrongs of the situation for the 13.6 million people in Mumbai; I have not been there and have no direct knowledge of their circumstances.

However, I do know that litter, rubbish, detritus call it what you will affects us all. Today, I collected the rubbish from our half mile of lane, 16 people live here; the rubbish weighed about a stone and filled one large carrier bag. Multiplied up to 13.6 million that would be the equivalent of  about 9,000 tonnes.  I don’t assume the people in the lane left the rubbish there.  I think most of it was tossed from passing cars.  I sorted it for recycling, further down the line someone will pick through it and pass it on to the next stage.  I trust, though I can’t be sure, that it is eventually recycled.

I will continue to do what I can to reduce, reuse, recycle and clean up my piece of countryside.  I also wish Radio Suffolk’s Mark Murphy all the best with his ‘Don’t be a tosser campaign’.  I will continue to support WaterAid as one of the charities which works with the people of  Dharavi.

The image above is created using the photo of my bag of rubbish from the litter pick and images of the rubbish from Mumbai with a water colour over-wash to bleach it out.  The pylons form part of the view in the lane here, there are not many more powerful symbols of conspicuous consumerism than the electricity we are fortunate enough to have pumped to our homes 24 hours a day.  Without this I could not blog, tweet and live the life I currently enjoy.

I just wish I could make sense of it all.

Result of the litter pick in the lane

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