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Perfect Puglia Days – 1


I’ve been going through some photographs form earlier in the year and realised that some summers in Puglia are best spent doing nothing more taxing than sitting on the beach and watching others expend their energies.  This year was rather like that.  The joy of being in the area around Ferragosto is that the flags are out and everyone wants to relax and play.


On days when the wind blows too hard for long swims there is nothing better than watching the wind surfers and kite boarders, I admire their strength, they play in the surf for hours… until everything stops for lunch – then they hop off their boards and restore all that burnt energy.


IMG_6642Talking of energy, I didn’t just sit, I have taken up running and the area around Casa Mare is ideal for early morning runs.  Back in the summer I was still at the jog/walk phase of a C25K programme called Get Running, I recommend the app, it is well designed and motivational.

Even in the summer months the coastal roads are quite quiet in the early morning and the cooler air by the sea is welcome – the added fun of running through the markets as they set up and wondering what the traders think of a runner, of all things, coming through, makes the effort worthwhile.


Another fun activity has been sea walking.  I hadn’t realised that the ladies who walk in the sea are taking quite a full on exercise regime until Debbie and I decided to start walking in the sea from Casa Mare to Lendinuso, it is a great workout for the legs. The beaches in the area are perfect, with long sandy stretches, you just need to look out for the odd rock.


As I said, everyone loves the beach in summer, including the Casa Mare cats, who on days when there aren’t too many folk around love to join in the fun.  Casa Mare is already booking well for next year as Ryanair have started to list flights.  Bob and Debbie’s other villa, Villa Rosa just a few kilometres away in Casalabate is also taking bookings so if you fancy some sea and sun in the south of Italy why not take a look?


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