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Snow News Is Good News

With a doff of the hat to Samir

It may be snowing outside but I've moved house anyway

After much discussion and thought I have decided to move my blog to WordPress.  The snow coming down and the work I thought I was going to do as a contingency not materialising, I decided to experiment.  After all; did you see the state of the old place?  The mess all those animals, leaping lords, dancers, drummers and the rest deposited.

The picture above is a doff of the cap to Samir, whose blog you can find here , or who you can find on twitter here.  This morning he suggested I should use a dog sled when walking the dog and he wanted a picture to prove it.

So how’s it gone so far?  All the old posts and comments are imported; I haven’t checked yet to see if everything has made it across the divide.  I’ve chosen a theme and uploaded my header picture.  My little green blob doesn’t look so good at the scale.  I will have to experiment and see if it will work with word, or if I will have the same problems as before.  I also want to see if I can go a bit more ‘wide screen’, but it is difficult if you don’t really know what screen width viewers are using.

Oh well be please be patient with me whilst I experiment.

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