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Living Below the Line – Locally


This is my Live Below the Line challenge week. If you have not come across the challenge before the basic idea is that you spend no more than £5 for five days’ food and in anyone day you eat no more than £1 worth – the rules are fairly strict, you can read more here. Last year I bought in bulk and cheap at a big supermarket but this year I have decided to buy local and use food from the garden. My core purchases have been a litre of raw milk (£1) from Fen Farm Dairy‘s wonderful milk dispenser, four tomatoes, two carrots, two onions (£1.40) and 500g of oats (60p) from the Framlingham Market, the remainder is the cost of eggs (10p each) from my own hens, lettuces (10p each), sorrel, herbs from the garden and a few teaspoons of oil for cooking.

Stir up

lunch salad

My day starts with water based porridge 6p; lunch is lettuce, carrot and tomato, 26p (with a few oats not used in the porridge and toasted with some cajun spice), supper is a stir up of onion, lettuce, sorrel, porridge, eggs and milk 61p. The first day I converted the milk to paneer but felt it a waste to throw the whey away, I didn’t intend to it was tidied up by others. The first day I forgot to use any onion, I now realise what a difference and onion can make to a meal. It isn’t very varied but actually seems to be doing the job, I’m sleeping for Britain due to the caffeine/alcohol detox and I will undoubtably be loosing weight so it would not be suitable for anyone who was underweight already. I am also reflecting back on my notes of last time on relative wealth, poverty, food sourcing, you can read them here .



This year I am raising money for Homeless Link. Homelessness is one of those issues that some prefer to ignore, or apportion blame for but if you spend time with homeless people or those that have been homeless it can soon become aware that there are many ‘there but for circumstances’ situations, addiction, debt, job loss, relationship breakdowns and mental health issues can all be enough to pull the rug from under the feet and the roof from over a head.  Dig deep and donate if you feel able.


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