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Saponification – Sapoemification from Pieku to Soap


Lovely Veronica from Royston and Hayes sent me a soap [if you saw the earlier post you’ll see a theme developing here]. Not any soap, an enormous, fragrant, Hawaiian White Ginger soap, personalised with my name. When I say enormous I’m talking about 1Kg! Veronica had watched the progress of the pieku competition and decided to make a soap for the competition winner and would I like one myself? She asked what my favourite colours were too; so teal and mauve it is.  The camera doesn’t do great justice to the detail in the layering, including the glitter on the lettering and the Bray’s Cottage inspired pig. The soap came with full instructions for cutting, so I can share some out among friends, now the photo is safely in the can I’m looking forward to trying it out, it smells gorgeous.

I wonder if I can conjure up any soap based poetry……



From Pieku to Piewayman

Lovely Sarah from Bray’s Cottage sent me a pie. Not any pie, a really big, pork pie of the onion marmalade kind, personalised with my name. There was huge excitement, not least from the delivery man when it arrived, as he breathlessly said, “It’s from the Perfect Pie Company” and handed over an enormous box. The pie was my prize for coming up with the pieku idea and I was thrilled to receive its scrummy meatiness. Indeed I think a large pie like that would form a great centrepiece for a jubilee picnic, it looked like a huge gold crown.

Now Sarah has a new challenge for you, could you be a Dandy Piewayman? For the price of a password or song you could get a reduction on the cost of your pie during this week. If you are prepared to dress up and sing you could get a free pie; it would be hilarious if a flash mob of Dandy Piewaymen attempted to intercept Sarah and her pies at Norwich Farmer’s Market next weekend!

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