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Day 2 of Midsummer Maahes – we’ve arrived

Hi, well that was quite a trip wasn’t it. Amazingly there were about 200 of us in that little car. Some of them are quite quiet, but at least no one was sick. I enjoyed the poems, I do hope a few others will learn some because I think people were beginning to tire after my 40th rendition of Jabberwocky no matter how mimsy were the borogroves.

Time for a quick tour round. Here we are in the beautiful county of Grethicshire and this is Chioggia Place, a large country pile; I hope you will like it. Although it seems a little Gothic and does have one or two active but dead, older residents, I promise you it has a heart of gold. There are several rooms of varying size, so you might choose an attic nook or one of the master bedrooms, possibly a dormitory. If you don’t like to stay in a haunted house we have other options, there are teepees, log cabins or for the toughies among you the opportunity to craft your own bivouac in the woods.

A little more about our surroundings. As you will see the grounds are extensive; a walled veg garden, the croquet lawn and then the formal rose garden. The knot garden goes through that little gate at the side into the fruit garden which is followed by the nuttery and I have high hopes of finding truffles there. If you notice the ha-ha beyond you can see a grass track that divides. To the right is the path to the lake, which is fed by the river Farc, the water comes down from Farc Tarn away in the fell. To the left the path leads down to the beach, at low tide a causeway is uncovered and you can walk across to Scribilita island.

There, you have your bearings.  Now why don’t you go and freshen up.  I think its time for a game or two.  Here is your quest for today:

1)  Where would you like to sleep?  I want to be a good host, what one thing would make your overnight stay perfect?

2) We need some games to play, we’ve been in the car a long time.  What would you suggest?  I am about to set up the French cricket.

3) I wandered lonely as a cloud.  Can you find a watery flower connection between the author and an Eye?

I am thrilled with the ideas for food and the music collection that is building, you Spotifiers are great.  Here is the link

If you like there is still time to use the Maahes tag and find the other posts.  Every comment will be entered into a draw for a prize that money can’t buy.  See @josordoni’s comment, she won the Christmas one.


Midsummer Maahes – You are invited to a party

I am in party mood again.  Were you here for the last one, at Christmas, can it really have been six months ago?  It is all @SamirBharadwaj ‘s fault, he planted a little seed in my head.

This time I thought we could have a midsummer party.  A blog post a day, culminating in a ‘virtual’ party on Saturday. I will do the first proper post later today, but in the meantime… what food will you bring and what will you wear?

I thought I would make some macaroons and fill them with elderflower scented cream, I haven’t invented the recipe yet but @DrTimKinnaird thought it could work, so I’m just trying to work out how.  As it is midsummer I thought I would wear this dress…..

How about you.  If you have a blog, Posterous or other place to post things please do and add a link here. Or otherwise just describe your responses in the comments to the posts.  If you need the script for posting links you may find this helpful:  Just cut and paste and replace your blog address between the quotation marks

This is my link <a href=””>here</a&gt;

There is a collaborative playlist for you to add to, if you have access to spotify here

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