Days 3 and 4


Sorry for the delay – I was in the library, working. Today two challenges: – for both you will need to cut paper to fit the base of the tray of your matchbox. For day 3, a little origami, can you create an origami model using your paper (you may cut it to a square if that helps, my first effort has proved far to ambitious, so I’m trying again). The second it to write a very short story, you may use both sides of the page, but no more. Usual rules, post on your own page and say done either over on Facebook or here.  The playlist, again collaborative is here – had to include Paperback Writer to celebrate the inclusion of the Beatles on Spotify.


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  1. I am still trying to find the matchbox.. I know I had it somewhere, Never mind, I will have to approximate the size.

    My little story:

    I opened the door, and my little black cat rubbed against my legs, her tail waving like a snake. “A snake? You have a snake?” She hissed. I turned, there was the snake. I felt a bite to my ankle.
    Don’t be silly, Millie! You aren’t a snake! That’s just your toy fish on a pole!
    I am, she smiled. And bit me again.

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