Day 8 – Janus

janus2At this time of year it is traditional to look backwards and forwards. After a fabulous New Year celebration with friends I have been exercising and de -cluttering. I am now using the 10K app, I just looked back to last year I was running about 2 miles in January, today I did 9.66km that’s 5.66 miles I cut nearly 4 minutes of my PB toady – but the previous one included photographing fungi. I also managed some ironing steps and a  dog walk. I have a lot to thank Easy Loss (35lb lighter) and Janathon ( I denied that I was a runner) for.

This year I am looking forward to continuing with the above and adding in the Bookashelf Challenge, I’ve started with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I have also agreed to attempt to publish the Onion Cats with Debbie, first I need to write up the second set of stories, guests at the villas in Puglia seem to like them, so that is a spur to action! For the 8th #DoC What are your looks back and forwards on the cusp of 2016?

Thanks for the recipe ideas by the way, in the end I did fish pie in individual Adnams enamel mugs. How did you all get on being swans yesterday?

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  1. Seriously, looking back at the highs of my many birthday treats and lows of mums illness and passing, looking forward to lots of unbirthday treats and knowing mum is at peace now and using the time that has freed up to good use

  2. Looking back on a year of somewhat dodgy health, and just as dodgy finance. Looking forward to knuckling down to finish the first draft of my novel, get it rewritten and not care about whether I will be unwell for life. There is more to life than health.

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