Day 6 – oeufff!

Tis the sixth day and I’m abandoning the matchbox and asking for help!  I’m offering the Minions as a bribe.. they look a little it like eggs.

I need a recipe, for a foolproof (I have to make it) starter for eight people. Something that can be made in advance and served at someone else’s house. The main course is going to be beef so not too meat orientated would be good and needs to be something that can be made with ingredients from the local shop ie good butchers, deli and a fairly standard co-op.

The challenge is on…

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  1. Taking the Minions as my starter inspiration, what about devilled eggs? they will hold overnight, and can be delicious.

    Hard boiled eggs, the yolks mashed and mixed with a little mayo, some tabasco, and maybe some chopped pickles, piped or spooned back into the whites, and then sprinkled with smoked paprika and cress. Rather retro, but rather yummy into the bargain.

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