The First Day of Christmas


Merry Christmas!  Well, how was Christmas day for you? Hopefully you have equipped yourself with a large box of matches for this year’s 12 days of Christmas challenge and by now you are probably realising you need to wake up your brain to shake off those post prandial blues.  So if you are ready click play for some suitable music on Spotify, the list is collaborative so please add other tracks that will help you with today’s challenge.  All you have to do is arrange your matches as above, can you move just three matches to create four triangles?

If you can solve the problem, photograph your solution and post it on your own blog/Instagram/Twitter/facebook and add a comment below saying ‘done’ with the link.

There will be a new challenge tomorrow, not necessarily matchstick related but you will need your matchbox.


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  1. Posted my answer on FB but only you can see it for now

  2. Ihave a solution.. whether it is right or not I have no idea.. I will post it later today, as I have to go shopping now… yes!! shopping!!! again!!!!!!!!

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