My Camel is a Wetsuit or… How I spent £5 and lost 35lb

My Camel is a Wetsuit

It has taken me a long time to decide to post this. I was worried that it is quite personal and also that some people might think it was just a little weird. However, enough people have asked me how I have lost weight and it takes a little while to explain, despite it being really simple, so I decided that blogging it would be a good idea. I also hope that in using this blog, with its history, enough people will see it to know that it is genuine – those of you that know me face to face will know that anyway.

A disclaimer at this point – I use a free blogging service, this means I cannot control any ads that appear on this page, please only follow the links I have embedded in the main text of this piece – nothing else!

For those that want the short easy to read version – I used an app called Easy Loss Virtual Gastric Band, it cost me £4.99 and it works.

For those that want the slightly longer version here goes….

Remember the Wensum swim, the reason I didn’t wear a wetsuit…? ah I didn’t mention that did I.  I burst my wetsuit zip!  Specifically trying to get into a wetsuit in a multi-story carpark and the zip fell apart.  When the wetsuit came back from repair, I could not get into it at all.  That should have told me all i needed to know, I had steadily put on weight over the years, not unusual and despite long distance swims and bike rides I was just fit and fat, rather than fat, in fact fit and with a massive appetite.  Then I hurt my back and had a year of no where near as much exercise. By the end of that year when I saw picture of myself I was wondering who the middle aged lump was.  I couldn’t do anything about being middle aged but maybe I could shift the lump. It was whilst thinking about that I happened upon the Easy Loss Virtual Gastric Band app and on a whim bought it.

The system (it defiantly is not a diet), consists of hypnosis track and four simple rules.  You listen to a track a day and follow the rules – its that easy.

Easy Loss - 4 simple guidelines

What the tracks do, through the use of imagery, is to help you to change your thinking about food. None of it is rocket science and you almost certainly know it already, but the repetition through the use of hypnosis embeds it in your thinking and and allows the more helpful thoughts to dominate. You find yourself thinking not ‘go large’ but have a regular americano (not latte) and a glass of water. Before I knew it my breakfast had changed from two weetabix, with milk and sugar plus a glass of juice to one weetabix with the juice on it.  These little changes driven by only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are no longer hungry make little changes giving on average for me a 2lb loss per week.


In addition to the original app I also downloaded a track called ‘Self sabotage’ and used it once, I found it very powerful.  There is a Facebook closed group to support the app, people there are very supportive and some have gone on amazing weight-loss journeys. I shan’t divulge any names or related stories here other than saying that one of them involves a camel and within the group that has become a thing which you want to be able to do (in this case ride a camel) but can’t because of your weight. In my case it was wanting to get back into that bloomin’ wetsuit!

Before you ask, yes I have exercised quite a lot too.  My back is recovered, I’m back in the pool (now the lake), on the bike etc. I started out doing a 30 day squat challenge, every morning when I boiled the kettle starting with 50 and by the end of 30 days managing 250.


In January I did Janathon, in February I took part in Get over Yourself, I use the 7 minutes app when I have no other exercise during the day and I walk, walk, walk, so it goes on, I’m currently building up my stamina for the Bantham Swoosh.  I started in mid November and by mid February I had to throw away all my clothes and start again.


When my summer clothes came out of storage they all had to be got rid of too.  By Easter I was happy with my weight and switched to the Bikini App, I didn’t lose any more weight but didn’t put it back on either.  I now use either a session one track from the VGB or a bikini track to help keep me on the straight and narrow.

The great thing is you don’t actually need to buy anything other than the app (and new clothes) but these would be my top tips…

Bracelets.  Start on left wrist, each time you drink a big glass of water transfer to right wrist. – It is possible that you are not hungry, just thirsty.


Small plates, bowls and cutlery/chopsticks.  You’ll eat more mindfully, slower, and can still go back for seconds but only if you are hungry.

Freezer/Fridge boxes.  Food goes to waste if you eat it but don’t need it – ie it is stored as fat in your body who wants to store fat?  So put it in the fridge/freezer and you have an extra free meal available for later in the day/week.  You’ll save money and gradually learn to cook or plate up less.

MakeIMG_5962 big batches of soups etc and have a Sistema box (other brands are available) to reheat it in for work etc, I also have the one designed for sticks and dips which I take a half wrap and tomatoes in.

Insulated beakers.  I now have three of these from Paperchase.  They follow me everywhere, one at the end of the kitchen table and one wherever I’m working plus one for the garden. Keeps water fresh and cool and as they are metal lined none of that nasty plastic taste.

Something to do.  I used a ‘learn to draw’ book, if you are inclined to eat cheese from the fridge more out of boredom than hunger have something to do.  You will find online lots of lists of ideas of things to do in place of boredom eating.

My other big tip is at the start take a picture of your self both fully clothed (then you have something to put on a blog page) and in bra and pants (for you and no I am not putting it on the blog page!). Also take your measurements I failed but have gone from a large size 14 to a size 8-10 UK in clothes.  Also photograph your wardrobe, nearly everyone I follow on the Facebook page finds they are wearing brighter and more trendy clothes.  So no photos of me as such but a weight graph and some apparently deflating trouser legs….


IMG_5695 IMG_5757 IMG_5811 IMG_5842 IMG_5969_2 IMG_6092

My Camel is a wetsuit…(and this was part way through)



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  1. ThaNukes for sharing, very interesting – well done! x

  2. Well done. I used to work as a hypnotherapist with Sue and James before I moved to Shropshire. I love seeing all the successful stories and the generous supportive responses. X

  3. Thanks Vivia, I am going to give it a go

  4. A fantastic post. I think this is extremely inspirational. Well done!

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