Janathon Day 3 – The Iron Horse

Iron Horse

Day 3 of Janathon – it peeeeeed down this morning, so dog and I didn’t go further than the chickens at the end of the garden. The forecast was good for later so we went out as the weather was clearing and managed 6.13km.  The puddles were the colour of greek coffee, the roads churned up by beet lorries and the sounds of clunking and banging echoed across the prairies as beets were shifted from clamp to lorry. Apparently there is oversupply of sugar this year and the factory cannot take everything as it is produced, there are still beet in some of the fields, luckily the frosts have not been too severe and they seem to be holding up ok. As dog and I made our way back past the clamp the image of one of the pieces of equipment looked like the Iron Man’s own Suffolk Punch standing ready for the next day’s work.

Total for the day 6.13Km and 80 squats.

Thank you for the visits from other Janathoners – I’m off on a tour to see what you’ve all been up to. I think as I am logging walks not runs they will not show on the overall totals for the month.



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  1. What a fabulous photo

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