Living Below the Line


I’ve been involved in a healthy conversation today about living below the line.  This followed on from an excellent BBC Radio 4 food programme about 5:2 fasting and fasting in general. The particular emphasis was on how fasting can help people to understand better their relationship with readily available (no thought required) food and having a greater understanding for those who have to think about food due to budget restrictions etc.

I sent a tweet congratulating the team and saying that for some Living Below the Line might be worth considering. It involves five days of living on £1 per day for food. I did it last year and used the opportunity for some reflective posts on my blog. As part of the conversation there was discussion on the shopping video on the live below the line site which basically is about bagging yellow label supermarket products. I admitted in my posts last year that although it was contrary to how I normally shop it is exactly what I did, cheap porridge, cheap rice and a bit of black pudding being major items. I also bought and weighed rather than trying to limit myself to only spending £5 in total, I just used less that £1 worth of items in any one day. As a result I made a tonne of soup with the excess at the end of the week.

I had been debating whether to join in this year, but following the conversation I think I will and try to do it on the buy local basis.  That will be a challenge, rural markets do not tend to do end of day mark downs and the £5 will certainly not go as far as it would do otherwise. Perhaps if I feed the hens on nothing but scraps for the week I could count my own eggs into the equation and as no planting has been done with the dickie weather there will be nothing to pick. So the challenge is on – are you joining in?

Have decided that my charity for this project will be Homeless Link – you can donate here


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  1. you are brave, it was so hard last year, it will be worse this year as prices have gone up…

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