The Lady Vanishes – Vanish Oxi Action, in Action…

Vanish Project


I’ve been doing some more bzzagenting. This time the product on trial is Vanish Oxi action. I have used Vanish before, normally in bar form, this is the first time I have tried the powder. A couple of weeks ago I found a shirt in the bin, being thrown away due to a curry stain. It had been through the wash once but the stain was still there, but knowing the Vanish was on its way I retrieved it.  The day came to try it out, admittedly not an entirely fair test as the item had been washed so I guess the stain may have ‘set’. The Vanish came with an instruction manual, for curry the advice was to make a paste with the powder and rub it in with the back of the scoop. this is left for a while and then the shirt is washed adding more powder and your normal detergent to the wash.

I may have misinterpreted the add to the wash instruction. I put Vanish and then some of my regular Ecover liquid in the same dispenser. Perhaps I should have added the Vanish to the drum. after the initial soak with the powder paste, things had been looking good. However, once the shirt came out of the wash there was still a stain evident. I didn’t fully appreciate why until I went to do my next wash, the Vanish + Ecover mix had formed a solid lump in the dispenser.

I dried and ironed the shirt, sorry that the lighting conditions were not the same in the final picture. However, the shirt has been declared fit to wear again and I will give it a second go with the Vanish, this time adding the powder to the prewash or to the drum.

I would use the product again. Later in the week I used it to clean cloths that I had used for dyeing the leather sofa and they have come up well, still muddy looking but certainly not mahogany brown.


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  1. I’m a big Vanish fan. When we first moved in we had well water. All my blacks became grey from the salt as did my whites. I tried water softeners but they didnt work. I also had a newborn to contend with as well as rich dirt surrounding my house and a puppy who couldn’t resist jumping on you. I had a friend who was preparing a hand-me-down costume for my son & she used Vanish (along with a few other products that don’t mix well so be careful). After seeing how powerful it was, I started using it on my baby, dirt, chocolate, blood & worst of all, Italian red sauce. Not only did my stains normally go away, my whites became white once again…no hope for the blacks but dye which I’m scared to try. I figure anything that takes the skin off my fingers should work on stains, right?

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