CheeseSmiles – Paneer

Finished paneer

A short break in postcards from Italy to talk about my latest cheese adventure. Today I made paneer, a bland cheese, made at high temperature so produces a non melting cheese which is perfect for curries. Also as no rennet is used it is an excellent vegetarian cheese.  Today’s recipe used yogurt and white vinegar to make the curds,


then washing draining and tying in a knot before pressing lightly

Pressing paneer

– the end result is a springy mass which is easily cut into cubes for cooking.

Finished paneer

As before the milk came from Calf at Foot Dairy, ethically produced raw milk – I’m looking forward to sag paneer (lovely fresh spinach from Roger at Framlingham Market) and a sweet paneer dish maybe using some nuts and rose syrup….


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  1. Looks good, sounds wonderful. I’m on a low-carb diet which cheeses are included. I switch types every few days but I’m growing bored already & this sounds like a nice alternative (plus sounds more economical & better for me with less preservatives). Can you e’mail the full recipe? or fb message it? Thanks and hope to see you this spring in Puglia!

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