Live Below the Line – Day 4


Today was always going to be a bit tough – a big swim night. I increased the amount I had for breakfast and lunch anticipating swimming at Fritton Lake in the evening. Sadly I should have read my e-mails first because there was no swimming there and I high-tailed it back to Framlingham College a bit late for swim fit. Only managed 1280m in various guises, a lot with vertical float so heavy on the legs. I came home to a tin of Morrison’s own brand ravioli and mushy peas being a quick and easy way to fill back up. One of my lovely friends is worried that I’ll get beriberi on this diet, at least there were some grams of protein in tonight’s meal (doesn’t do to think where they came from though).

So my thoughts for today are to do with superprocessed food. If you want to see how far food processing can be from what most people would think of as growing, butchery and cooking just read a few articles on intensive food productionmechanically separated meat and extrusion.

Today’s spend 91p

Thank you so much to those who are supporting my cause, £25 raised so for for Unicef, just £25 left to go; you can donate HERE.


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