Live Below the Line – Day 3


Day 3 and my food choices were not that different to day one.  I had couscous for lunch with carrot, radish and mushroom but supper was my black pudding style risotto but with some chilli added for a bit of oomph. 86p for the day so far but it felt odd just having water at WI tonight when everyone else was tucking into wine and biscuits, not helped by winning a pack of mint chocolate matchmakers in the draw, which I will save until the weekend.

But today’s reflections…. yesterday I focused on UK poverty today its time to think about the global picture. I accept that the £1 challenge is highly artificial; I have unlimited water, access to power, a wide choice of foods, only really limited by the budget and it is only for a short time. Also the £1 figure in many countries would not just have to cover food but all living expenses, yes costs may be lower for some aspects but the reality is accommodation and diet may be very basic indeed.

Poverty is of course relative but also immensely complex. Take a look at the topics on the pages of Global Poverty Project, from corruption to health, education, gender, war and weather, so many factors impact on the well-being of individuals. Then I start to think how at the moment I can’t afford a ‘basics’ bananas most days this week – does my preference for fairtrade bananas the rest of the time make a real difference to people at the receiving end of the few pence that end up with them? That’s just the bananas what about all the other choices I make in my purchasing every day, how I use my vote, what activities I support, this world is both so small and so huge at the same time. In a world of global markets we are both so distant and so close to those in poverty, barely an action we make is without consequences elsewhere. If you are interested in reading more on the issues the articles on the One World site are worth a read.

My participation in Below the Line is in support of Unicef – please donate HERE


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