Tea Pigs Matcha and a Janathon blogathon

I promise I haven’t been skiving on the exercising – just the blogging. So now for a quick catch up:

Tuesday – I tri’d – bike to work and back 9.5 miles, Walk/Run with Get running app 2.1 miles, Short swim 800m for China.

Wednesday – Had no proper exercise as no time in a v busy schedule so limited to 1 mile of dog walking and a not so great plank

Thursday – first swim fit class of the week (1400m) plus dog walk

Friday – Walk/Run 2.1 miles and second swim fit class (1500m)

Saturday – dog walking and gardening

Today Sixth Walk run 2.1 miles and a 2280m swim and a miserable 40 second plank (the @plankpolice have been on to me for skipping)

All this whilst trying to pretend I have not got the cold that has done the rounds and sending people to bed at 7.30pm. It may be bunkum but I’m putting the difference down to the pick me up value of Tea Pigs Green Matcha which doesn’t get rid of your problems but stops them feeling so bad – well that’s my reasoning and while its not killing me I’m sticking with it. I have to say it seems to do something a little bit magical to me, plus it looks like dodgy poster paint.


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