10th Day of Christmas and 3rd of Janathon – #12DCP

Tree decoration - tree in the eye

Today the decoration seems to be poking himself in the eye with a tree; befitting for today’s theme which is:


I’m wrapping several concepts into this one, rather than drag out the quest for pain which would be foolhardy. Pain from sharp or blunt instruments, heat, cold, hunger, headaches, kidney pain, acute, dull, throbbing, exquisite, emotional pain. Oh so many cans of worms and bad memories that could come to the fore. Plenty to stimulate the writers brain – any you are prepared to share? As I’m currently doing the detox thing [yes I know nothing is proven for it but it gives my body a rest and a horrible headache; the Puritan in me tells me this is a good thing] I am able to tune into pain quite well today. However, this can be as nothing compared with those who suffer hunger or chronic pain conditions. Strangely though we need pain and the absence of pain, neuropathy, can be equally damaging as those with long term diabetes and leprosy may discover.

Shall I share a story with you?  As it involves a slide with a wooden run off board – perhaps I’ll let you join the dots for yourself.


Bit of a muck up on my part. As the weather was horrendous this morning I didn’t run and decided to go to the gym later and attempt the treadmill. When I got there though the gym was closed (remember to check the opening times next time). So I came home and got out a yoga dvd instead. Half an hour of Geri Yoga it was actually very pleasant and stretched out the aching back and has left me feeling good. Not the pounding of the streets that many Janathoners will have done, but something I wouldn’t have done otherwise; so I’m happy.

The Spotify playlist for today is here


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  1. They say that our memory of pain is poor, whilst we remember that something hurt we don’t feel it again. If we did then we would all be only children, unless we were twins! I have lots of pains which tend to be in the background a lot of the time. Sometimes they get worse but I am always delighted when I don’t have any pains at all – getting rarer as I get older.

  2. Pain is part of my work…well the relieving of it. Sometimes I create some pain in the process but people talk of it as ‘good pain’.
    Our bodies give us pain to protect us. Feeling pain can stop us doing things that can damage us. The small spike of pain when we touch something hot makes us pull our hand away to prevent us burning ourselves.
    When we injure ourselves, the body’s natural reflex is to increase muscle tension around the site of the injury to protect the damaged tissues. Unfortunately the body can come to accept the increased tension as normal and it becomes uncomfortable, even painful to stretch and relax. Part of my work is to break this reflex pattern and bringing conscious control to the muscle tension. This can be painful but as the muscle fibres relax and the body reaccepts the released fibres as normal, longer standing pain which may have inhibited movement can be relieved

  3. Pain. Gosh that’s a hard one. I think Janet is right that we are programmed to forget lots of the pain.
    One I find odd is the delayed pain when you accidentally cut yourself when chopping food…the blood is visible before the pain hits and then you anticipate the pain ..all in a short space but with enough gap to wonder why it doesn’t quite hurt yet.

  4. Evette, your job must give you such satisfaction to see someone who has lived with debilitating pain being able to relax and enjoy things.

    I have had a lot of different pains in various parts of my body over the years, and I’m not in any mood to wish to relive it, other than to say I will be SO glad when it is all gone…

    Mind you, at my age, I have no doubt that there will just be something else to take the current pain’s place when it goes. I console myself with the adage that this too shall pass…

    But I do think that the worst pain I have ever experienced was from a physio working on my shin splints, giving me deep tissue massage on my calves, splitting muscles to get at the sore tendons. I actually screamed on the physio couch. Pain, I was told, is only weakness leaving the body. Pain, I told him, is TOO BLOODY PAINFUL…

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