9th Day of Christmas and 2nd of Janathon – #12DCP

Today’s tree decoration has a different feel to the others, made of felted fabric he is soft and as a tree decoration I’m not that fond of him. However, he fits the theme for today:


From the soft socks given for Christmas, kittens fur or the rough rasping of a dog’s tongue to the personal aspects of human skin against human skin what does touch mean to you? I was looking for images of a sensory homunculus to share when I found Colganology with some images created for QI.

So today I’m out to identify how things feel, from these hard, smooth plastic keys on the keyboard to everything I do today – how or what do you feel today?

Janathon – today I took the dog in a basket on the bike, out to a track across the fields. Only just over 4 miles but hard work due to the weight and needing to concentrate hard.

The Spotify Playlist for today is here


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  1. The sense of touch is very strong in my brain. I don’t know how to explain it but I can feel things when I think about them, just as if my hand is on them. Things that come to mind are the hair on a baby’s head, the roughness of an old Barbour jumper and the old tiger skin rug that my granddad brough back from India after WW1. A velvet dress that my mum had when I was little, tree bark…. oh I could go on for hours

  2. Touch is my work. There is the immediate feel of the skin, its temperature, texture and elasticity. Then I see with my fingers the structures beneath. The bony landmarks which give me orientation and then I read the layers of muscle fibres; their tone, tension, and adhesions.

  3. I love touch. Along with taste, possibly my favourite sense.

    I love the feel of many things, and find many really sensuous. I love silk, velvet, fur, all feel heavy and slow under my fingers.

    But most of all I love to feel statuary. I was in Paris on business and decided to visit the Musee d’Orsay as I was staying in the area and had an afternoon free. The Impressionist paintings are lovely, and I really enjoyed seeing them, but I yearned to be able to reach out and touch the texture of the paint. So I was unutterably happy to find that there were no strictures against touching the marbles. The statue gallery is in a slightly sunken area, reminding me of the statues in the Witch’s courtyard in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. And with benches around the outer rim, you can sit and gaze at the marbles, and walk over and caress them as you wish.

    The bliss of that day still sits happily in me.

  4. Hmmm touch. Paper it’s texture smooth, silky, rough, stippled, the way it feelsl when you turn pages or opening a letter. And metal cold metal or glass against a hot forehead on a hot day. Water running through hair and over your face in the shower. Pebbles between toes in the sea. Smooth pebbles in your pocket as souvenirs. And dough shaping and folding it to make good bread.

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