7th Day of Christmas – #12DCP

Day 7 of the sensory journey; the last, but in my view the best of the taste days.  This also marks the time of year where we look back and then forwards in the style of Janus.  what have we achieved, what do we hope for next year? I was pleased with my achievements of my personal challenges for last year, the Great East Swim and the Dunwich Dynamo both went well but boy oh boy did I drop off the throttle afterwards.  So, yet again I’m approaching 2012 in the officially overweight category.  To that end I have signed up for the 2012 Great East Swim at 2 miles, as the Dynamo is earlier I doubt I will do it this time, too close to the swim.  Instead I will attempt to learn to run, I’ll use Janathon 2012 as my start point and sign up to a plan possibly with Take to the Streets which has served me well in the past or if anyone can recommend an iPhone app that takes you from not running to a 10K distance that would suit me very well.

Back to the 12 Days – today’s theme is:

Taste – Umami

Today I am in search of savouriness, regular readers will know that I am a proud member of the Marmarati which pre-declares me as a fan of all things savoury from Marmite, to rare meat and strong cheese.  Umami has only relatively recently been added to the list of taste senses how did we manage before?  I wonder what your favourite savoury things are, any strong memories, things you hope to achieve in a savoury style in 2012?


To keep you thinking here is today’s Spotify playlist


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  1. Hmmm umami…well I like lots of things known for their umami yet at the same time I’m in the marmite = urrrggggh camp

    not quite sure how that works but for me the smell of marmite is off-putting whereas strong cheese, bacon, ripe tomatoes, cured meats, mushrooms are among my favourite things

    for some umami madness tho i love this:


    Make sure you scroll down for the clip at the bottom 😉

  2. I remember at school we were told to bring some things to taste and smell and we discovered that different tastes only registered on different parts of the tongue. I think the umami (which hadn’t been discovered then) is the one that gets you at the side of your tongue, at the back. It’s where you taste that oddness of truffles which I particularly dislike

  3. mmm marmite.

    I too am a founder member of the Marmarati (and still have my numbered special edition XO Marmite in its brown paper wrapping, unsullied. Waiting for the Marmite picnic…..)

    In terms of savoury things for this coming year, I am tempted by making cheese. I haven’t ever made any and it looks relatively easy, compared to making salami. Which is something I love to think I might try, but know will never happen.

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