6th Day of Christmas – #12DCP

Who can believe it we are half way through the 12 Days already? Still resolutely stuck on taste sensations on our sensory journey. Please remember you can keep adding comments right through the 12 days and they will count towards the draw. I am thrilled with the ones received so far and hope later today to go back and respond to any I’ve missed. Today the theme is:

Taste – Bitter Things

Dark chocolate, the pith on lemon peel, the bitter flavours in beer – what floats your boat? Perhaps you bit your nails as a child was the paint called ‘Stop-it’? Today I will be in search of bitter things and see what memories they evoke.

Having read this article though perhaps I should be careful what opinions I give afterwards:  New Scientist – Bitter tastes make you more judgemental, having read the comments following it though I think the author may have been tucking into a glass of Victoria or Bob and running to rash conclusions themselves.

To help you along with your thinking – here is your Spotify Playlist


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  1. Hmmm bitter…the word rather like sour has so many less that pleasant meanings but taste wise lots of bitter things are thought ‘sophisticated’ like strong black coffee,dark chocolate, gin martini…..things that as children we don’t like but as adults we often do

    in fact really bitter coffee has been over extracted and is pretty horrid but even good coffee has bitter notes and is lovely paired with some dark chocolate – a favourite part of my day is coffee and chocolate

  2. My mum used to put bitter aloes on my nails but I clearly had very sophisticated tastes as it didn’t work!

  3. oh god yes Stopitt… I used to grit my teeth and lick it all off so I could bite my nails..

    ( Terrible euggghhhh admission time – I was really flexible so used to bite my toenails as well as my fingernails. Though perhaps not as often in public….)

    I like bitter as a flavour as much as I like sweet, salty and sour… Bitter marmalade flavours, even the mouth puckering bitterness of a sloe straight from the bush, really mouthwatering in a literal sense.

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