5th Day of Christmas – #12DCP

Day five and still on taste.  Today’s taste sensation is salt. I wish it wasn’t the case but every time I tried to think of something different this little horror came into my mind…

Taste – Salt


The Spotify Playlist for today is here


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  1. Anchovies and olives. (Preferably with a glass of chilled white wine and consumed at the end of a hot sunny day as the sun sinks over the horizon).

  2. I almost never use salt on my food but somehow grilled tomatoes on toast just demand it!

  3. Salt…yes an odd one for me…I think a few bits of maldon straight on the tongue have a certain zing but I almost never add salt to food not even in the pasta cooking water…no idea why….some things of course just taste weird if there is no salt in them eg bread

    Maybe its just that I get more than enough salt from all the bacon and cheese and I don’t need any more

  4. Gotta love those salty balls! but I will leave the raised eyebrows and wonderment til later ….

    Salt. I love salt. Can’t imagine cooking without salt, but I almost never add it at the table, even if it is not food I have cooked. I find the taste of actual salt on the surface of food takes away from the flavour of the food itself. Which is odd as, like Linda, I love to put salt on my hand and lick it straight off, rather animal like I suppose. Reindeer will apparently come from miles away if you leave salt out for them.

    I love anchovies, olives, bacon, salted capers, salted caramel.. salt is good.

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