4th Day of Christmas – #12DCP

Day 4 of the 12 Days sensory journey.  The poor little lady above looks like she’s been sucking lemons.  The theme for today is:

Taste – Sour Things

I love sour flavours, lemon drops, cola bottles, rosehip paste all very zingy.  I used to love the sharp sweet flavours of sherbet lemons especially as they split and released the little sherbet inside.

I had no idea that there is a place called Sour in Lebanon, having read the Lonely Planet entries it sounds fascinating, with great places to eat too.

What is your favourite sour flavour, is there one that brings back a special memory, any funny tales in connection with vinegar…..?  As usual anything to intrigue, educate or amuse.

This of course is one of the best uses of vinegar – I like this clip because the girl is so pleased when it works.

Home volcano

The Spotify playlist for today is here


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  1. I believe it is true that children taste more acutely than adults. Apparently this is why baby food is so bland to the mother’s taste. (I have never tried it, I hasten to add) Strangely, to encourage me to eat my greens I was told to put vinegar on them. My cousin still does and it may be that others on my dad’s side of the family do. One of my most favourite meals in all the world is bacon pudding, with Oxo beef gravy and dark green greens with vinegar on them

  2. Ah sour tastes. Yes I like sour. Shame the word has such unpleasan connotations as well. Lemons yes lovely. Sharp sharp fruits. Wonderful mouth puckering acidity. Lashings of vinegar on chips. Which takes me back to smell the smell of vinegar on hots chips mmmm. Yes please.

  3. sour is good. Well, citrus sour is good. Not so sure about pure vinegar sour. I don’t much like malt vinegar, never have liked vinegar on my chips or salt and vinegar chips. But this year I made fruit vinegars for the first time, and love them. The sweet and sourness of the fruit and wine vinegar is glorious, if you haven’t tried them then you really must.

    As for the best use for vinegar, well I would not want to use anything else to remove the lime scale from my kettle. And mixed with soda and a little ammonia it is the best household degreaser I know.

    Bacon pudding btw – yummy stuff… lots of bacon chunks laid out on a sheet of suet pastry, and rolled up spotted dick style and steamed or boiled for a couple of hours. Served with lots of cabbage, boiled and either buttered or vinegared, your choice.

    Keep you warm for days that will :))

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