3rd Day of Christmas – #12DCP


Hi, glad to see you are back for a third day.  Smells and sounds are crossed off the check list – time to move on a bit I think.  All that sweet sugary stuff from the last few days, did any of it bring back a memory?

A quick reminder that the 12 Days of Christmas Party this year is a sensory journey, waking up a sense and tuning-in to it each day. At the end, for those that want to, a little ghost story writing. All comments published in the 12 days equate to an entry into a draw.

Today’s theme is:

Taste – Sweet Things

I’m not a huge lover of sweet things, but will tuck into deserts particularly meringue based ones if I’m in the mood. How about you – what is your favourite sweet thing memory, clip, photo, thought? I guess mine is candy floss being spun a the Sodbury Mop.

Here is the Spotify Playlist for the day


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  1. Taste is the least of the senses when it comes to what I can experience in my head and so I don’t really have any taste memories but one thing that does stick in my mind is from “Pincher Martin” by William Golding, which we did at school, when he tastes the tiny crumb of chocolate left behind in a silver paper wrapper that he finds in his pocket after having had nothing for a long time.

  2. As a child I loved sweet things. To the extent that I insisted on drinking squash as some crazy not very diluted ratio. So my mum thought I must have diabetes and whisked me off to the doctors. I didn’t. Now as an adult I’m not keen on sweet at all but I wonder if what I liked was the sharpness in the squash not the sweetness as I love really tangy flavours now.
    Sweet things I still like are kir and dessert wine and um that’s about it.

  3. I think I like sweet, but mostly I like fruity sweetness, rather than pure sugary sweetness.

    So I don’t like candy floss, or seaside rock, or boiled sweets. I like tangy and sweet together, lemon meringue pie, bitter orange marmalade, most citrus in fact. I like most fruits, probably because most have a sharp element to balance the sweetness.

    I do like cakes and biscuits, but that is more for the texture of the cake itself, rather than sweetness, so I find cupcakes and whoopie pies sickly sweet, and icing of all kinds has no appeal for me.

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