2nd Day of Christmas – #12DCP

Sounds like rain dear

Welcome to Day 2 of the sensory journey which is this year’s 12 Days of Christmas Party.

How are you today? A little jaded perhaps if you overindulged yesterday, should we tread lightly? Once again every comment posted here equates to an entry into the prize draw. If you are a tweeter you may also find comments linked by the thread #12DCP. Yesterday the theme was smell; from babies to embrocation, quite a collection. The idea is that as you ‘tune-in’ you start to notice things more.  Today’s theme is:


We can use sounds to locate things, stimulate our emotions, we can communicate, sound is important in our everyday lives. From the clicking of a keyboard and the boiling of a kettle to the sound of a fire, a flock of birds taking flight or the flush of a loo or snoring which means someone is having a restless night. We are surrounded by sounds.  Which ones have memories for you and what will you notice today?

So today’s comments on sounds please, perhaps an audioboo, soundcloud or a wonderful onomatopoeic journey through your day, anything to intrigue, educate or amuse.

If you are interested in the neuroscience of sound and some fascinating clips I recommend auditoryneuroscience.com which is full of information.

Here is your Spotify Playlist


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  1. Now this is a strange one. The Rag & Bone man!! How I long to hear that sound somebody to collect all the tat that we need to get rid of but can’t get around to going to the dump – perhaps that would be a greener option with one person doing the driving rather than everybody going as individuals – bring back Steptoe & Son!!

  2. A sound that makes me feel all safe and secure is the sound of someone moving around downstairs after I have gone to bed. Someone I know, of course. It probably stems back to when I was little and I could hear my mum. If it went quiet I would call her and when she answered I would just say “I love you” (what a soppy kid) Now I still get the same feeling if Alan stays up after I have gone to bed and I can hear him doing something.
    A sound that gave us a laugh this morning was my mother calling down the stairs to me, when I was still upstairs. She didn’t have her hearing aid in and I said three times “I’m behind you” before she realised. Panto time!
    Otherwise, most of my sounds are musical but I’ll save them for another time. Now, methinks, I hear the kettle boiling!

  3. Here are the Spotify tracks:

    John Cage – 4’33” (Cage Against The Machine Version) – Japanese Popstars Watch Family Guy On Mute Mix
    John Cage – 4’33” – Single Version
    Neil Diamond – Beautiful Noise
    Best Relaxation Music – Calming Sounds Of Nature – Powerful Rain And Thunderstorm
    Quiet Riot – Cum On Feel The Noize
    Incubus – Echo
    Piano Love Songs – Exotic Sounds
    Best Relaxation Music – Falling Asleep With Nature Sounds
    Greg Laswell – How The Day Sounds
    Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet
    Michael Bublé – Jingle Bells – feat. The Puppini Sisters
    Hard-FI – Killer Sounds
    Ratatat – Loud Pipes
    Studio Allstars – Music Sounds Better With You
    Sleep Baby Sleep – Night Sounds For Sleeping
    Pat Metheny – One Quiet Night
    The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
    We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
    Tears For Fears – Shout
    Lulu And The Luvvers – Shout
    Kiss – Shout It Out Loud
    The Knife – Silent Shout
    Alice Smith – Silver Bells
    Doris Day – Silver Bells – Silver Bells
    Shinedown – Sound Of Madness
    Raised Fist – Sound Of The Republic
    Adept – Sound The Alarm
    Alphaville – Sounds Like A Melody
    The Head And The Heart – Sounds Like Hallelujah
    Coldplay – Speed Of Sound
    Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence
    Paul Simon – The Sounds Of Silence (from The Graduate)
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells Part One – New Stereo Mix
    Shout Out Louds – Very Loud
    Deep Sleep – Yoga Sounds

  4. I’ve been doing a bit of research, thinking about sounds and then remembering Nicholas Cage and 4’33” to add to the playlist I was wondering where the quietest place on earth would be – apparently it is Orfield Labs in Minnesota http://audiojunkies.com/forum/blog/4335-quietest-place-earth-orfield-labs.html

  5. I’m not so much of an auditory person…I like music and sounds but they stick in my mind much less than tastes or smells or visual things. I’m especially bad at listening to the radio if its not music

    Sounds I like though are the sea especially the sucking through the stones as the waves roll in and out….gurgling streams too….the hiss of a coffee machine…..rain on a tent or on leaves…all water based oddly

    Oh and purring of a happy cat

  6. sounds.. tricky for me. Being rather deaf now, I have to remember a lot of sounds rather than being able to hear them now. I no longer am able to pinpoint direction from a sound, and lots of the frequencies are gone to me now.

    But I remember when I was quite young, I worked at the weekends in a dairy, making breakfasts for the milkmen. So I had to get up about 6 on a Saturday and Sunday, to be in the dairy for 7, and walked through a world that was still sleeping. I always loved the cacophony of the dawn chorus in the spring, every bird declaring its territory.

    And in the winter, when they didn’t sing as much, I recall the fabulous sound of silence. In a city like London, to have time when there was no traffic, no sounds of people, is a real treat.

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