#12DCP – 2012 – A Sensory Journey and a Ghost Story

This year the 12 Days of Christmas party is a sensory journey.  As usual the party starts on Christmas Day with the first challenge.  Nothing too difficult, something simple to think, write or do. The activities will be to warm up our collective sensory brains ready for those who wish to join in a little Ghost Story telling exercise; but don’t worry you can join the party without writing a story at the end. The aim will be to create a series of Ghost Stories published on blogs, or some other publicly accessible sharing site such as Circalit that can be viewed and read by anyone – no word limits, no competition element, just a bit of fun. The only criteria for the stories is that they are posted by January 15th.

Every comment in the #12DCP sequence equates to an entry into a prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s likely to be bits of free stuff I’ve been given).  The hashtag #12DCP will help identify any tweets.

Here is a musical intro on Spotify

So, are you up for it?……..


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  1. Hurray! Really looking forward to this. Thinking about my story already xx

  2. Hurray ditto! I shall be checking in on Xmas Day if I can , or will catch up on Boxing Day evening.. I shall be mentally flexing my ghostly fingers…..

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