A marvellous trip to Scotland earlier in the Summer, overnight by sleeper from King’s Cross to Inverness. The great thing about Scotland in the summer is the length of daylight. Plenty of time for a walk up the Ness and back before sitting outside Macnab’s bar and listening to music with the sun still setting in the background.

A day trip out took us via the Old Station at Strathpeffer, now the Highland Museum of Childhood, past the Wistlestop Cafe, which is still the least prepossessing but best café in Scotland.

Then onwards to Ullapool where the lovely folks at the Seaforth dished up their beautiful big prawns even though they weren’t on the menu.

Ullapool could make a great hub for a holiday, including trips to the Summer Isles on the Summer Queen.

After all that eating, time for a swim at Admair, now added to the new Wildswim map, which is a great resource for open water swimmers.

It was a great break, other trips included Gairloch and Urquart; then the long ride home on the train.