Just deserts?

I’ll admit I’ve short-changed the blog again in the last two days, just uploading stats from my phone doesn’t really count as blogging, sometimes though busy, busy doesn’t allow for more.  However I have done the exercise.

Today I went for a long bike ride.  It was really cold but I decided to cycle to Fram the long way.  I was a bit miffed that the mapmyride on the phone cut out so I have had to log the trip manually.  I hope the problem was caused by the elastic bands I’m now using as seat belts for the phone and that repositioning them will make things better.  The plan was to hit 70 minutes as per my programme.  However I realised I was going to reach Fram too early so added an extra loop.  that last section was killing the windchill factor was horrible and I now have cracked lips to prove it.

Once I reached Fram I treated myself to fruit tea and polenta cake at the Dancing Goat.  Not sure if it was entirely within my detox rules but the closest I could get – just deserts?  I then bought about a stone of fruit and veg at the market so the journey home burnt extra calories.

The Stats

Total 16.27 Miles 13.54 out in 80 mins didn’t time the return journey.

Time taken for feet to thaw out 45 minutes.




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  1. Psst (whispers) desserts … x

  2. I need to find somewhere to cycle to that has a cafe. All I get is sheep and fields.

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