Getting down and dirty

I guess if I will go out in brand new trainers I should expect trouble.  I blame this book:-

I’m trying to improve my cycling technique and last night read the section on cycling through pot holes.  Carefully raising myself in the seat I went for it, cushioning the jolts on my body perfectly.  However the phone bounced out of its cradle and into the road; I stuck my feet down into deep muddy water and the rest as they say is history.  Tomorrow I will be on he look out for elastic bands to act as seatbelts for the phone.

Never mind – it’s a great time for some look ahead foraging.  The catkins are out; I’m trying to mentally note my future nut stocks.

The Stats:

11.54 miles in 1hr and 3 mins as Moderate ie controlled even effort.  1 mile dog walk as cool down.


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  1. Oh no, is the phone ok?!

    I’ve attempted the pothole ‘raise up and balance’ technique too. It’s frightening, really scary. any thoughts on wet/slippy manhole covers?!

    • Phone is remarkably perfectly ok considering it was submerged too. Not sure which is worse raised covers or lowered ironworks – actually crumbling sided round here is the worst thing. I’ll try and get some shots of some real corkers.

  2. oh dear… it is never the same as in the book is it!

    Still, the phone is ok, I expect the trainers have dried out now.. and you are getting so fit, you will be competing in the Olympics in 2016..

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