Catching up….

Just back from Devon.  We had a lovely stay at the Passage House Hotel, near Newton Abbot in Devon.  We have stayed there before and  have known it since it was just a little pub.  I have to say the staff on this trip were spot on, great service and the upgrade to a room overlooking the river was really welcome.

I visited Hannah’s at Seale Hayne, on a tip-off from @KToogie who has a workshop there.  It is an inspiring and beautiful place.  The art is fantastic and it is a great spot to shop or have coffee as well as strolling around the studio, workshops and grounds.

So now the exercise confessions; there is a pool and gym at the Passage House but the pool is a bit bijou so although I did exercise it was not my normal standard.

Today I have made up for it though: bike 12.21 miles as Easy (session 18).  Swim 1020 metres (session 10), plus badminton tonight.

On the route home we also had the pleasure of going to the Thatched Cottage Inn at Shepton Mallet, a great dining pub. The new owners have no previous experience in the business, but are making a really good job of it. The 17 hour cooked beef looked and smelled fantastic.  Sadly they don’t seem to have a website up and running yet so no link at this stage.

If you are wondering how the detox is faring with the hotel and eating out – jacket potatoes and risotto have featured heavily.  But I have managed to keep it up without wavering.  The headache has gone; but I have had four solid days of back ache, this happened last time so I think it is my kidneys complaining about the change.  It will pass, so I will keep going.


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