Smoking Zebra Sausages – Moonraking and Janathon update

I’ll start with a thank-you.  The lovely @sausagekinguk popped over with my prizes from his blog competition.  A great collection of books two by a sausage expert and one on exotic meats.  So thank you kind sir!  I hope the sight of the locals preparing for badminton was not too much of a shock.

My Janathon update – I’m really pleased; before badminton I did a bike session at the gym.  The plan was 50 minutes, easy speed.  So I upped the rpm to the 90s and actually spent some of it over 100 all at level 7.  I managed 14.6 miles

Another day of rain and darkness – today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.  I tried to photograph the moon in a puddle.  Standing in the lane, in the dark, dog on lead in one hand like some ancient moonraker trying to fool the customs men.  I really should ditch the dog and find a tripod if I ever want to be successful at this stuff.  But here is my Suffolk 365 of the day, not a reflected moon in the end but taken leaning on a gate post.


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