The Undersideness of Leaves

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Today was a working day for me and not one that I could inject much exercise into for a variety of reasons.  I took the dog for a walk only slightly longer than our regular one, so the most I can claim for Janathon is 1.8 miles.  It was windy and having suggested to @JonMWelch that he go fly a kite (in the nicest possible way) I started to wonder if it was the right kind of wind for kite flying.  Cheerily singing ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ as I walked I felt really upbeat. Then I started to think about my Suffolk 365 Picture of the day – could I capture the wind in a photograph.

The wind was evident; clouds scudding across the sky, grass stems bent nearly horizontal.   I started to think how the wind is like an emotion; you see its impact, the effects created by it, but not he wind itself. With the photograph in mind I realised the main way I could capture the wind was by the effect it was having on the few evergreen leaves on trees and bushes.  You could see their undersides.  Then I started thinking about the word leaf and how the plural is leaves.  English is a curious language, before long leaves had turned in my mind from parts of plants to departures of one kind and another.  By the time I was home I was fixated on the concept of the ‘Undersideness of Leaves’ – here is one take on it.

The Undersideness of Leaves

Shiny cuticle
Protective shell
Outward self


Dulled underside
Canker, rust, spot
Hairs that sting


Miner, explorer
Consuming, growing
Replete, leaves

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